Rosario will walk with you through your challenges and guide you to experience  an amazing journey, that can create rapid and profound shift in your awareness.

It is about joy, not about doing. It’s about being. It is about living as oppose to existing! Doing less and creating more and thinking less and feeling more….is about living in awareness. It’s about being in touch with your unlimited you. Your life can be a work of art, creating every second, and you can be vastly more then you ever imagined. It makes your normal natural life exciting. Your search vanishes and you start experiencing reality as it is, rather then through the veil of the mind.

Meta-Consciousness Journeys leads you into higher states of consciousness. In order to bring a shift, you need to change your perceptions, otherwise you keep repeating the same mistakes. Albert Einstein said: ” “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

Whether you want to experience business success,  personal power and express your potential. Or perhaps you are experiencing financial difficulties, overwhelmed with your corporate  position, or you are going through a major life  change,  a painful divorce,  an illness or you desire to attract an ideal romantic relationship.   Or you feel anxious about taking care of a loved one and seeing your life running away from you, or  you simply want to find your purpose in life;  I am here  to help you manifest your goals,  and  change your reality. I can guide  you  to a field of awareness, where options and new  possibilities are inexhaustible. You start seeing reality as it is, you feel comfortable with yourself and your start living instead of surviving. I  customize a program based on your physical, emotional and spiritual profiles, uncovering your unknown  treasure hidden within.

Our experiences lie to us. They tell us that most of the circumstances that occur in our lives happen by default. In reality, this is far from the truth. In fact, we are the architects of our own destiny.

My program is about focus: the type of focus that literally changes lives. This program opens the windows to all dimensions. In order to attract your desires you need to elevate your energy. We are energy beings. I”ll explain that in more detail below.   Energy surrounds every thing that you see, touch, smell or breath, including yourself. So I assist you in raising your field of energy to a more positive vibration, thus attracting your ideal circumstances. This technique is unknown to most people.  But today, quantum physics researchers know that our universe is really nothing but pure energy. I show you how to transform that pure energy into breathing reality.

We also have learned that our brain is wired to send electrical vibrations constantly. They profoundly impact our physical environment. When we change our level of consciousness , we activate our neuropaths and integrate a new system that changes our physical reality.

Using a simple process, I help you explore and identify the core issues that hold you back: the stories you are telling your self that are blocking your success and are producing your current reality. This process aligns your energy, and you suddenly understand why things show up easily and effortlessly. Great things unexpectedly happen in your life!

This process is easy to integrate into your current circumstances. You are able to connect the missing pieces of your puzzle: those fragmented elements of wisdom and knowledge that you learned suddenly make sense and become one solid unite of power.

By being in touch with the simplicity, innocence and wisdom of your soul, you discover a vast universe around you. And you experience the sparks of the physical and spiritual elements that are eager to cling harmoniously to you: those elements that lead you to  infinite possibilities.

You are preparing your inner self to light the path that leads to the unthinkable.

You discover that the secret you have been looking for lies in the balance of both …..

The Material and the Divine.

Rosario takes you  through the footsteps of her program in a smooth and profound way. You get her devoted attention through the  process and learn strategies to live your life  fully aware of it’s challenges, its beauties and its victories.


Group Coaching


Group Coaching is another powerful form of experiencing  transformation.  Is a community of like minded people seeking fulfillment. The  group dynamic is a wonderful force that encourages all participants to accelerate their growth.

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

 Life Coach Florida, Connecticut, New York City and  through the world by satellite.


4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Rosario,

    I´m a Deeksha Giver in Guayaquil, Ecuador and I have a friend who´s interested in participating in Deeksha meetings, but she lives in Coral Springs, FL (Fort Lauderdale area) I have tried to find some Oneness University people in the state of Florida, but it seems like you are the only one there, do you know of one one else who can be nearer my friends place, or if she can participate via Skype or any other way in your Deeksha workshops?

    I look forward to hear from you soon, best regards, Namaste


  2. Dear Oscar,
    There is a place in Jupiter close to Ft. Lauderdale
    lead by Nancy Heins. I sent you and email with her information.
    She can also look on OnenessFloridaliving.org
    If you need anything else please write back to me.

  3. Rosario, I think the work you are doing is excellent! Thank you for coming to Sarasota 🙂 I can feel the difference definitely after the meditations.

  4. Likewise, I feel honored with your presence and your gifts.
    Look forward to seeing you in our evenings of transformationn

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