Why do we dream? where do dreams originate?

Why do we Dream

What are “dreams” and why do we dream? Dreaming is essential to our mental health. I address this aspect below. I believe that dreaming is part of another natural state of being that our soul accesses to fulfill her mission.

Through dreams the soul seeks freedom and flies into the unknown to restore her natural state and escape from the prison of our ego.

Dreams can be beautiful and pleasant, as well as difficult and frightful. Mysterious and wonderful images and thoughts show up unexpectedly, accompanied by emotions of joy, and sometimes fear. They can include vivid, but unclear and confusing images as well as experiences of poetry, love and happiness.

So why do we dream? Philosophers, researches and scientist are still trying to understand their true purpose. One of the compelling theories centers on the “astral body”.  Some mystics and practitioners of certain Eastern belief systems “know” that dreams are, in reality, the true experiences of our “astral” (spiritual/non-physical) selves. The actually “experience” their astral bodies traveling to other times and places. They also believe that the astral body, connected to the physical body by a silver cord of energy, can even travel to other universes, and realities.

Freud suggested that when our unconscious thoughts and desires are not consciously expressed they find their way out through dreams.

Regarding interpretations of dreams, according to http://why-we-dream.com/dreaminterpretation.htm
“The first requirement of course is to remember a dream. Dreaming is predominantly a right-brain, metaphorical activity and so the first step is to give voice to it straight away. Write it down, record it on tape or tell somebody about it quickly.  By doing this you activate the parts of your brain that create narrative and memories, predominantly this is a left-brain activity. Otherwise the dream will quickly fade away.”

“It has been shown that when our emotional needs are met well and our resources are intact and being used properly, we do not suffer mental illness.

I personally believe that our dreams reflect the content of our life experiences, beliefs and feelings. And because we have a tendency to magnify and remember our less wonderful or negative experiences, we turn them into bad dreams.

When a nightmare appears, our subconscious minds are digging deeply into the accumulated negative experiences of our past.  Unresolved issues with profound scars are raised to the surface. They begin to form distorted shapes and become wild images lost in the ether. Episodes of drama play out with frightening scenarios.

You can help yourself and start dreaming more peacefully. How? By beginning to live moment by moment.  By arriving at a state of heightened awareness bit by bit, you can get in touch with your true self. When you know who you are, you regain your power and you are no longer at the mercy of your past. At that point, your life and your dreams change dramatically.

This is an effective exercise that can help you experience more peace in your dreams:

•    Just before you go to bed: Close your eyes and recollect, with gratefulness only the blessings you had during your day. They can be as simple as being grateful for a wonderful meal; or for someone helping you to carry your groceries: Or a gentle smile you received in the supermarket line.  Gratefulness is a wonderful source of high energy that awakens feelings of peace and joy.

If you implement this exercise at night you will start seeing the difference in your dreams and begin to experience the positive impact they can have in you.

To learn more about finding your true self and changing your patterns and beliefs obstructing your growth while calming down your subconscious mind send us a message and we will be glad to contact you.

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