Why Are You Lacking Abundance and Prosperity?

Are You Missing the Most Important Element in Its Manifestation?

Everyone would answer this differently according to their personal circumstances. I have a universal answer that relates to all of us.

Why Are You Lacking Abundance and Prosperity?/photograph by Ellen kaplan: www.ellenkaplan.com

We often do not manifest the desires of our hearts because our intention to realize them is not backed up with true faith. We are blinded by familiar, doubting thoughts that assault our mind regularly and constantly.
Unless we recognize those thoughts and create new ones, with fresh perspectives, we will continue repeating the same stories over and over. What we actually do is cope with them, creating our own strategies and mechanisms to obtain abundance and prosperity in a way that adds stress and tension to our lives. We are convinced that success realization requires us to work harder then anyone else.

It is also true that we think and talk to others and to ourselves about our lack of abundance and prosperity in a negative way, and that doesn’t help us either. We think that our circumstances are the source of our reality. But what is truly affecting the circumstances that express our lives?

Does this sound familiar to you? You are going on a job interview, and immediately, you start listening to your ego voices. You start hearing in your mind, “I am not good enough; others are better than me; I look terrible; I am not as smart as the rest; I don’t deserve this job; I will never be successful”. Guess what? You have programmed yourself to lose out on the new job! So, maybe you should stop listening to those voices that are screaming at you? Be gentle to yourself.

So what can you do to start the flow of abundance and prosperity? Stop talking about your problems. Instead, talk directly to the problems. And think positively. Say to yourself: “This challenge will not defeat me”. Declare victory over it! Face it and verbalize it. Start sending words in the right direction. For example: “I am blessed; I am prosperous; great things are coming to my life”. When you speak with faith, you are in agreement with your higher self. Your authentic self wants your fulfillment. It would never harm you. You just have to believe it! And if you don’t, at least give it a try.

Don’t give up so quickly! Your negative situation can turn around unexpectedly. Fill your mind with beautiful images and picture precisely what you desire to manifest. It is written in Proverbs 23:7 ”
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Here are a few steps you can take to start changing your mind:

Stop having negative thoughts
When a negative thought appears in your mind, accept it, don’t fight with it, and let it go. If you keep resisting it, it will stay with you longer.

Declare victory over your challenges
Nothing in life is permanent, things are in constant evolution, just look to nature and see how every day the sun comes out, the morning mist awakes us, and the moon says “good night” to us gently every evening. You can change your circumstances, with a new attitude. Practice makes perfect.

• Verbalize positive affirmations
Our words are life seeds, and they affect every area of our daily life. The Bible says, “You shall eat the fruit of your lips” and it also says, “There is power in the tongue.”

• Don’t beat yourself up
We speak to ourselves more than to anyone else, why keep abusing ourselves? If we want the respect from others. We first need to respect ourselves.

• Take extreme care of your being
Love yourself. Otherwise, how could you love others if you don’t have what it takes?

• Reward yourself
Start today with the intention to take the first step toward appreciation for who you are. Perhaps you can even send yourself a rose or other gift.

• What you focus on expands
Place your attentions in the desires of your heart, rather than in the negative aspects of your life. Be creative and enjoy the experience of seeing yourself in a new light, surrounded by the life you wish to have.

If you follow these steps, you will see things changing gradually. By exercising your mind, like a muscle that gets into shape, you will see wonderful results.

Perhaps prosperity and abundance will visit you sooner than you think!

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