What is Thanksgiving?

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Gratitude and Love

Can we count our Blessings?

Impossible! It would require an eternity. The easiest thing for us to do, is just be grateful for what we are and the gifts we enjoy in our lives. Also acknowledging that this celebration is really about Life.

a-thanksThanksgiving is a time to reflect and connect with GOD. It’s a time to humble ourselves with a grateful heart for the beautiful GRACE that is pouring into our lives everyday. Perhaps we should change the title “Thanksgiving” to THANKS-BEING?

Having the privilege to be in this world and to partake of daily Divine  GRACE, is a miracle in itself. So why not celebrate our everyday existence?  Some of us do. But most people don’t.  It is a good reminder to celebrate Thanksgiving when many families in this country gather together to commemorate this meaningful day with a grateful heart.

 Love life! Love people. Love your work! Love being! When you do that, you are embracing yourself and the universe. You are not simply giving thanks: You are BEING THANKS!


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