What is Stress: Curse or Blessing?

What is Stress: Curse or Blessing?
What is Stress: Curse or Blessing? photograph by Ellen Kaplan

Consciously or subconsciously, our mind demands that we see into the future and know how things are to unfold: when events are to occur and how they will manifest. We keep track of them, moment by moment, and maintain a rigid inventory of every move. Every piece or information is carefully monitored. Put simply, we want to control life!

So we ask our selves this question: what is stress? Where does stress come from?

When something less then wonderful happens to us, our brain immediately retrieves information that has been stored in our software compartment. Every experience collected through our life is found in this box we call “memory”. At that moment, our nervous system reacts instantaneously. We feel unexpected body sensations that assault our well-being. Life is getting complicated and it seems that nothing flows easily. The result: stress, with symptoms of anxiety worry and frustration.

It is well known that stress symptoms can be detrimental to our health. The ripple effects can fluctuate between feelings of anxiety, fatigue, worry and nervousness.

Our body resents all of the resultant complicated negative chemicals that are invading us and stealing our peace. Our nervous system is suffers profoundly.

So what is stress? Where does it come from? Stress originates in resistance. Control and resistance are the opposite of flow, and therefore the opposite of stability.

So any time we want to control and force things to make them happen in our determined ways, what we are doing is causing resistance, and we are wasting energy that doesn’t serve us well. We have become resistant and resistance is the antithesis of flow.

You have probably heard: “what we resist persists”.  Resistance is the blockage that prevents us from receiving freely.  Events don’t have to fit our expectations. In fact, they seldom do!  In reality, the wisdom inherent in life has its mysterious ways of coordinating nature: invisibly and in a manner that surprises and convinces us it’s ways are better then ours.

We simply have to observe the order of the Universe and recognize that it operates like a symphony. It is the silence between   every note that produces the beauty of music. It is a perfect reminder that nature moves in total freedom and in perfect balance.  Force is contrary to flow and harmony.

Resistance is an attachment to our expectations. But how do we know that our expectations are the best arrangement? If we could let go of resistance and explore the feelings of freedom and surrender, stepping into the unknown, we could experience bliss. Would we not find security there?

We have the ambition to see our life resolved and wish to be surrounded in a cocoon of security. That is impossible, because it violates the laws of nature. Nature functions harmoniously. If we learn this principle, our life can flow easily and effortlessly.

So whenever something less then wonderful happens to you, don’t resist it and let it be.

Here are a few tips that may help you be less resistant:

·       Witness the moment in the moment (the power of now).

·       Accept your reality with grace.

·       Remind yourself that you are not seeing the entire picture.

·       Breath deeply whenever possible.

·       Be grateful for every moment.

·       Remember that your current circumstances are taking you closer to your destination.

·       Be patient with yourself and others

Life is too short and speeds by too quickly. We need to appreciate every moment and make the best of every opportunity we have. Love life, enjoy it, make the best of it and you could have the privilege to enjoy it for many years to come. Be an oasis of wealth: both physical and spiritual.

Article Source: www.associatedcontent.com/article/2677053/what_is_stress_curse_or_blessing.html

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  1. Wonderful to hear from you. I used to be in the fashion Industry!
    If you have any questions feel free to ask.
    Much success to you!

  2. I am not sure I understand exactly what is you are saying, but if you are referring to the title of the post in relation to my field as a Dream manifesting coach, and titles my post in relations to what I do, its good. I appreciate your comment, It is good to hear feed back.

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