Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?

Spinning Your Wheels and Not Losing Weight?

I coached a client who had been trying a variety of regimens to lose weight. She had been working with a trainer several times a week and was following a program of supposedly miraculous products. Her objective: to lose 45 pounds.

 Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?/photo by Lynette Winchell
Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?

After several attempts, testing a diversity of products and experimenting with different diets, she finally gave up! As a result, she was feeling frustration and anger against herself and her loved ones. Her life wasn’t fun anymore. She lost her spark and had little interest in things once important to her.

Her effort, energy and time that she invested was not creating any positive results; none of these weight loss tips were working at all. Consequently, this had a negative impact on her family, her relationships and her work. She felt as if her world was falling apart. Her frustrations became her worst adversary, and she was suffering greatly. The worst part: some of the weight loss tips were making her sick.

Soon after experiencing such turbulent episodes, she asked for help, and she came to see me.

Then, through her coaching experience, she quickly realized that her objective in losing weight was the correct one for her. She was determined to identify the beliefs and patterns that were holding her back. By moving forward with new intentions, she could follow a step-by-step program that would help her succeed and turn her dream into reality.

As Albert Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

So, in order to resolve a difficult challenge, you need to identify the beliefs you have regarding it. Otherwise, you are “spinning your wheels”. It’s so easy to repeat the same story over and over again.

Seeing her life change and looking at her happy face was so rewarding! I have no words to describe the feelings of satisfaction one can experience when you see someone transforming their life.

Diets, exercise,books, products, strict regimens and fitness trainers are great. Enjoy them! But it’s not until you find the beliefs that are holding you back that you can commence the transformation that you seek.

It’s amazing how we need to crash and fall into pieces before we can wake up. Only then are we able to recognize that we can allow ourselves to receive help

It’s powerful to awaken and reconnect with your true self: the genuine one that offers you renewal, abundance and wisdom.

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