Thanks-Being on Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and connect with Divine Source; it’s a time to humble ourselves with a grateful heart for the GRACE that is pouring into our life everyday. How about sunset_reflection_tnif we change the title instead of Thanksgiving for “THANKS-BEING”?
Having the privilege to be in this world and to partake of God’s amazing GRACE, is a miracle in itself.
To me today is a day of celebration; we commemorate this Thanksgiving Day, for gathering with an open and grateful heart. It is a time to reflect on our health, the fresh air we breathe every day, the food that nourished our bodies, the opportunities and choices life present to us every moment, and the list goes on and on; specially appreciating the fact that we are alive!
Loving our self, loving people, loving our work, loving life, loves the Divine; and this nurturing love turns into BEING THANKS!

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