Stress Management: 21st Century Paradigms

Are You Having Trouble Coping with Stress?

Stress Management: 21st Century Paradigms Photography

I have written several of articles on this interesting and mysterious topic: One of them titled “what is stress” and the second one on “signs of stress.”

The purpose of these lines is to help you understand that you can cope with stress and its causes. One of the critical elements of stress management is have a clear understanding of its causes, symptoms and the importance of learning how to manage it.

As you become more aware of its symptoms and its causes, you can evaluate your circumstances with more objectivity, and you can decide how to approach it in a way that feels accessible and doable to you.

In this article about stress management, my intention is to communicate to you, that you have the power and the ability to control it. I can assure you that with determination you can learn to deal with the underlying causes of stress and manage it successfully.

I remember a time when one of my clients was suffering terrible anxiety attacks coping with the difficulties of our global economy. He would wake up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking. Sometimes his feelings of desperation were so severe that he would feel fearful and hopeless. As a consequence his stress was affecting his health, his relationships at home and in his business. The ripple effects were spiraling down; it became unbearable to him to cope with it any longer. That was his turning point to ask for help.

As we started to work together, he began to recognize that what he was doing was distorting his circumstances and allowing these monstrous thoughts to invade his mind. He learned to recognize that all this was happening at a level of fantasy, and that he had the power to tame his thoughts. He learned the meaning of the saying: “Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real”.

Soon after, all those scenarios of drama gradually disappeared, and he now enjoys his life in a new way. He gave himself the opportunity of making contact with his authentic self. This brought freshness and a renewal in his mind. As a result, he started to experience calmness, serenity and enthusiasm for life.
Are You Having Trouble Coping with Stress?
It’s a shame that people suffer without seeing any hope. When, in reality, the power is within our own hearts.
When I look around, and I see someone struggling, my mind thinks “if you could only know how powerful you really are. I would love to pass this message, and challenge you to take some actions to improve your circumstances and find joy instead of pain.”

Stress is an invisible agent that poisons our systems, our lives and our earth!

I would like to close, with a beautiful and inspiring verse written in the first book of Conversations with God:

“Use your life as a meditation, and all the events in it. Walk in wakefulness not as one a sleep. Move with mindfulness, not mindlessly and do not tarry in doubt and fear, neither in guilt, not self recrimination, yet reside in permanent splendor in the assurance that you are grandly loved.”

If you give yourself 15 minutes a day to meditate, you would be giving yourself a gift: a reward for yourself for a lifetime. Be compassionate to yourself!

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