How to Survive a Depression: The Love Antidote

A non clinical path to recovery

Depression expresses itself as the absence of joy. The sufferer sees no evidence of a positive connection with Source Energy. Depression begins with the manifestation of low vibrations that rob us of vibrancy and meaning. “Depressive” thoughts and perceptions are full of negativity, and are responsible for a toxic flow of low energy. You feel miserable! Your unconscious mind says “I will never be able to know how to survive  depression!

How to Survive a Depression: The Love Antidote photograph by Ellen Kaplan

Depression leads to feelings of weakness, dis-empowerment, being lost, unloved, unappreciated and lack of acceptance.
When depressed, our connection to our magnificent Spiritual energy is broken. We fall into the trap of victimization, feeling sorry for ourselves.

What would happen if you could know the truth and understand what is behind those tumultuous thoughts?  Would you see how false and misleading your ego can be? Could you see how powerful you truly are? People who finally admit that they allow their egos to enslave themselves, see their artificial illusions, damaging ambitions and energy-reducing appetites begin to disappear. Are you willing to challenge yourself and make a conscious choice to change? Are you ready to break out of the yoke of depression?

When you find peace, you become productive and inspired. You find joy and a wave of higher vibration flows through you. The reality is that you are as powerful as the ocean, the sun, and the galaxies? Why? Because The Spirit is with you and you are in the Spirit. You are universally connected to it.

The fastest way of tapping into the cosmic consciousness of the Universe is through meditation.  Wayne Dyer offers a quote from Victor Hugo:  “Genius is the distribution of God taking place”…….. And I add, that being at peace with yourself is the way to hear the words of heaven. Sense the whisper of the morning dew, and its intelligence. Listen to the wisdom of nature, its silence and the melodies that sprint with it. Ask God for help and express your genius.”

The Universe is forever expanding, allowing you to stretch, grow and flourish. Develop your true nature with your talents and serve the world. This way you empower yourself and those feelings of weakness totally  disappear.

How to Survive a Depression? Expressing unconditional love provides an incredible opportunity for you to heal yourself and experience the authentic “you”. Expressing pure, love, without manipulation is the pathway to personal growth and empowerment. Through giving love without expectation of returns, you can eliminate depression. It is impossible to be in states of loving and depression at the same time. “Loving”, true loving, is about giving:  not investing for a return. And when you give freely it comes back to you in a thousand ways.

Learning to live a happy life is not impossible. It’s a matter of choice. Yes, it takes time and dedication, but through love, it is inevitable. You can change your unproductive patterns and habits. In the past, your neuropaths were set by certain behaviors. Some of these that once served you may now be addictions. They no longer serve you. In fact, they may foster depression. These same patterns can be broken with patience, determination and love.

Anchoring new beliefs can empower you and bring you freedom.  It takes time. But it’s the best time and effort you could ever invest in yourself. With determination and consistency, you will do it.  How easily we find ourselves wasting time in pettiness, but find little time and resources to take care of ourselves with boldness. It’s easier to buy a Gucci bag in a moment of weakness and difficulty, as an instant gratification, then to spend the time giving, loving and growing.
There is always a choice.  It is yours. I hope you make the right one.

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  2. I’m glad you like our articles. It’s our intentions to make people aware that there is more then just we we see in our physical world.
    If everyone could understand this principle, our world would be better.

    Wishing you joy and peace,


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  4. Thank so much for your uplifting comments. I am glad people like you can appreciate them.
    We can be better people and learn to live in awareness and little by little change our world.
    Hope to hear from you again.

    Wishing you joy and peace,


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  6. Thanks for your uplifting comment. I love to write articles that can make a difference in peoples life.
    Blessings to you.

  7. My siblings and I were on a vacation to Texas when suddenly out of nowhere a tornado touched down near our car . We all flustered but miraculously we got out of the situation without harm. Sometimes , unexpected things occur which makes you feel lucky of being alive and be able to recognize the value of the beauty of life in general.

  8. I was very moved with your story Warren.
    Yes miracles happen! and “loving life” is the answer to happiness. Life is good, and we are the architects or our reality. And there are situations that are out of our control as such experience you had. But then you know you are not alone. Some one is watching over your life.
    Blessings to you.

  9. I always enjoy volunteering at the nursing center near our house. I find it very rewarding to spend quality time with the seniors there and they have countless things to impart about life in general which is worth knowing .

  10. That is wonderful. Today more then ever, being in state of appreciation is the key to staying happy! our world is in difficult shape. However feeling grateful for every day blessings allows us to attract well being and joy.

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