How can we Experience The Divine in the Midst of these Turbulent Times?

When we experience God life flows easily and effortlessly. We feel satisfied, expanded and ecstatic.  We experience the quantum field in every molecule of our being; we feel secure and anchored in the joy of life.

And how can we achieve this marvelous state in the midst of the craziness around? The reality is that we don’t need to be lost in an island or in a cloud to connect with source. We can find a quiet space and do the following exercise.


  • Close your eyes
  • Bring your focus of attention into yourself
  • Breath gently and harmoniously
  • Follow your breath and feel your chest and your stomach muscles as you inhale and exhale.
  • Feel every cell of your body
  • Relax and let go. Most likely you won’t be able to let go
  •  Accept it
  • Be
  • Experience the Divine presence !

If you don’t achieve your desire state you will at least get to be in a meditative state. enjoy it!


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