Forget About Stress Management! Meditate Your Way to Mental Health

“Inner peace is not achieved by outward means. Inner peace is achieved by understanding who you are. When inner peace is attained, outer peace becomes possible at last. In the absence of inner peace, outer peace is impossible”…

Forget About Stress Management! Meditate your way to Mental Health photograph by Dani Kaplan

Neale Donald Walsch

Stress management has been touted for several years as a panacea for personal anxiety. I think it is time that the stress (no pun intended) on this “cure” is reconsidered. Perhaps there is a better way? There is a noticeable shift from materialism to spirituality throughout the world. These trying times are awakening us to the realization that ascendancy to a higher spiritual plane is the path to achieving inner peace, prosperity and success. Without rising to a higher level of existence, there is little or no communication with spirit.

As a giver and encourager, I strive to exhort, uplift and facilitate the achievement of emotional well-being and happiness for others. In this article I share with you some of the discoveries I observed about why people engage in negative patterns of thought, suffer through harmful emotions and exhibit toxic behaviors. My goal is to “open your eyes” and re-focus your energy to help you feel the way you really want to feel. Quieting your mind and observing your intentions helps you reach an inner sanctuary of rest: a place where you can manifest your desires easily and effortlessly. When you anticipate with wonder and detachment, your dreams enter the world of “Reality”.

No one can choose your thoughts or feelings for you; they are part of you. What you focus on expands and what you resist persists. The key is to have a clear vision of what you want and accompany the images with intense emotion.

As a crisis Management & Inner-peace Life Coach, I guide people to see what their egos will not normally allow them to see. I guide them to their personal palace of rest and safety.  I help them visualize how they can live a more productive and empowered life. The process is simple and natural. It is a matter of becoming an expert in living your life in awareness. The process requires observation of your patterns. In time, you are transported back to your powerful inner self. Meditation is one of the tools I encourage people to use. It serves as a bridge to refresh your mental well-being and re-connects you with the infinite source of abundance and wisdom: You connect to spirit.

I believe that the main reason people hurt and suffer is that they ruminate on the negative aspects of their lives. They lose ground and forget the blessings and benefits they can enjoy every second of their lives. I do mean “every second”, since the present moment is all that matters.

If you alter your thought patterns and raise your vibration (energy) with feelings of gratefulness and well-being, you will reinvent your reality. Even gradual, simple steps make a difference. And you will begin to experience moments of relief. You will exult in your new-found freedom and joy. The payoff: You attract more of what you really want instead of what you don’t want.

Yes, the world is hurting, and people are deeply in pain. But the real solutions can’t be found on the outside. They can only come from the inner, quiet place where we find rest and tranquility. The solutions reside in the depth of our wisdom: a place that is rarely visited by most. We usually try to figure out things at the level of our mind. We draw from “what we know”, rather than from “what we don’t know that we know”. Through meditation, profound thoughts arise from the “silence”. Meditation guides us to trust more in our inner selves. Genuine self and spiritual trust calms us down, soothes our thoughts and heals our emotions.

However most people concentrate on the dark side of things and diminish the positive aspects of life. They experience turbulence and lack enthusiasm for life. Our magnetic thoughts collected from the negative abyss of the “Universal Consciousness” negatively affect life as a whole. Destructive patterns of thought have unwanted consequences and threaten our personal lives and environment. Focusing on the “dark side” is a major reason why we see catastrophic climate changes on our planet. Negative thought patterns also contribute to the rapidly increasing desperation of many.

I enjoy seeing greatness and beauty all over my Universe and find it difficult to acknowledge the dark side of humankind. To avoid wallowing in a pity party when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, the first thing I do is make peace with the moment. I accept my circumstances and take an inventory of my blessings. I am not repressing the emotions. Rather, I allow myself to feel them and then I release them. “Feeling and releasing” transports me instantly to the present moment and I feel relief: even bliss. I then shift my energy and allow thoughts of optimism.
I trained myself to be in awe of the magnificence of life! When necessary, I remind myself to make a conscious choice to appreciate and contemplate the awesomeness of creation.

Anyone who wishes to enter the path of positive transformation must be willing to go through a process of adjustment. And perhaps most importantly, to acknowledge the need for change. Transformation occurs at the inner level. It happens when you enter a place of harmony and calmness to find the “Sabbath rest”: a safe place where you can meet your truth.

In meditative silence, you can appreciate the stillness of the morning. The sound of the rain. The breeze caressing your face. The melody of the choir of birds singing. The light that shines and the brightness that overcomes darkness.
Meditation is the channel that quiets our mind and helps us see the beauty in our lives.

To eradicate toxicity from your life, you must quiet your mind.  This allows you to experience the presence of God. Subsequently, the soul manifests love, kindness and gentleness.  If you desire to become conscious of the good that surrounds you, and you are open to re-program your mind, you can evolve to a high spiritual plane. And you will remember who you truly are. You will find that you are not your ego. You are truth.

You can find inner peace even in the midst of challenging times. Through Meditation, you can access the soul and claim the inner peace that you yearn to feel. The soul is the connector between the Spirit and the ego, and the mind is the linkage between the ego and the soul.

Meditation accesses the silence that feeds the soul. When you enter a deep state of meditation, it is similar to entering a deep state of sleep. It is the only way to hear the still small voice of your authentic self. Your truth.

The Bible says: “Be still and know that I am God”.

It isn’t always easy to quiet the mind.  Especially if your life is immersed in the business and distractions of every day living. At first, your internal dialog may become more turbulent. But as you stay in the present, the voices start quieting down. As you experience the gap between your thoughts, the stillness becomes profound.  This gives you access to your true essence and you start to experience the field of all potentiality. When you understand your true nature, you don’t experience shame, guilt, insecurity or fear. And you can let loose your creativity in all directions. It is the connection with your true self that brings you healing. Meditation requires discipline and dedication. But its benefits are infinite.

Meditation is the best way to re-capture your essence. You also learn that you don’t have to be at the mercy of outside circumstances. You can create your surroundings by recovering the power of your true self. By being in silence, you can uncover the thoughts that create your challenging circumstances. And you can experience freedom to choose thoughts of peace, joy and prosperity.

An inspiring quote from Albert Einstein states, “I want to know God’s thoughts… the rest are details.”

In order to know God’s thoughts we must feel the silence of His infinite mind. Meditation is the bridge that brings us to His Divine magnificence. Through it we can experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

This segment from  “Conversations with God” An uncommon dialogue by Neal Donald Walsch describes it beautifully:

“The song of the soul may be sung many ways. The sweet sound of silence may be heard many times. Some hear the silence in prayer. Some sing the song in their work. Some seek the secrets in quiet contemplation, others in less contemplative surroundings.
When mastery is reached-or even intermittently experienced- the noises of the world can be muffled, the distractions quieted, even in the midst of them.
All of life becomes a meditation.
All of life is a meditation, in which you are contemplating the Divine. This called true wakefulness, or mindfulness.
Experienced in this way, everything in life is blessed. There is struggle and pain and worry no more. There is only experience, which you may choose to label in any way you wish. You may choose to label all of it perfection. So use your life as a meditation, and all the events in it. Walk in wakefulness, not as one asleep. Move with mindfulness, not mindlessly, and do not tarry in doubt and fear, neither in guilt nor self-recrimination, yet reside in permanent splendor in the assurance that you are grandly loved. You are always one with Me. You are forever welcome. Welcome home.

For your home is in My heart, and Mine in yours. I invite you to see this in life as you will surely see it in death. Then you will know that there is no death, and that what you have called life and death are both part of the same unending experience. We are all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be, world without end. Amen.”

In her book Beyond the Secret, Dr. Lisa Love describes the benefits of meditation as follow:

Quiets the nervous system, producing a greater level of physical help, youth and vitality;

Brings about emotional tranquility, inner peace, stability, and joy;

Develops detachment, discernment, and mindfulness, allowing you to perceive reality more clearly and to act in a more thoughtful manner;

Produces greater coordination between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, allowing you to achieve your goals with greater skill;

Helps your align your ego with the soul;

Expands your consciousness;

Inclines you toward living and loving in a more soulful and spiritual way; stimulates creativity, insight, and intuition.”

If you set aside time in the morning or at night, and take a few minutes to be in silence, you can establish a connection with Spirit that can bring you immeasurable results. You can ask for specific direction through prayer and meditation. Ask yourself to help you to remember who you really are. Remember you are not your ego.”

In his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra describes the ego in the following way “The ego, however, is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear.
Your true self, which is your spirit, your soul, is completely free of those things. It is immune to criticism, it is unfearful of any challenge, and it feels beneath no one. And jet, it is also humble and feels, superior to no one, because it recognizes that every one else is the same self, the same spirit in different disguises” …Self-power, on the other hand, is permanent, because is based on the knowledge of the self.”

Through prayer, contemplation and meditation, you can discover your true potential and you can create your surroundings easily and effortlessly. I invite you to explore and experience the mysteries. You will not be disappointed and you will find an inner peace that surpasses understanding.

As a closing thought, I would like to reiterate that stress management may be passé. Instead, meditate for your truth, silence, peace, joy and the keys to eternity. The Master is waiting …

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