Economic Prosperity: The Sukyo Path

Given the difficulties we are experiencing and watching our economic prosperity deteriorating bit by bit, I want to share the wisdom presented in an article from Sukyo Mahikari.  It describes the reasons and the hidden roots that manifest the negative symptoms we see and feel in our society, government and personal finances

Economic Prosperity/photograph by Ellen Kaplan
Economic Prosperity/photograph by Ellen Kaplan

Sukyo Mahikari states: “Today, wealth and economic power are coveted in most parts of the world. One unfortunate consequence of this attitude is that many natural resources and life forms are being ruthlessly exploited with little thought about future generations. Wit globalization, there is no escaping the consequences of this position.”

“Sukyo Mahikari teaches that the way in which a particular economy functions is a good indicator of the spiritual condition of that society. One reason why there are so many deadlocks, chaos and waste in present day society is that the spiritual and ethical basis upon which economics should be based is weak”.

According to Sukyo Mahikari, “the appropriate way to solve economic problems is for people to integrate spiritual and ethical values with economics. People need to consider future generations and choose a way of life that is more in balance with nature, for example by using the earth’s resources in a sustainable way. Spiritual values can be applied to economics. One is the practice of altruistic love, namely, of giving people the skills and spiritual wisdom needed to attain prosperity. Another is to have a heart of service, rather than profit, as the main motive of a business or job.

What is the true purpose of Economics?

“Although there is nothing inherently wrong with the accumulation of money or material possessions, the attitude with which people obtain and use materials is most important. Sukyo Mahikari encourages people to be appreciative of what they have-and to use the products of the earth with the realization that many natural resources have their limits. As part of this approach, people are encouraged to re-use and re-cycle material things whenever possible”.

I find it interesting to see the connection this article makes between the illusiviness of economic prosperity and the current spiritual conditions of one society. It seems that, unless we transform ourselves, frustration and struggle will continue. It must be accomplished one person at a
time, changing our inner beliefs to a more positive and generous outlook toward people, countries and our planet. Have our societies become greedy and corrupted? This is what the Roman Empire experienced and led to its decline.
According to Wikipedia  “This slow decline occurred over an estimated period of 320 years which many historians believe finally culminated on September 4, 476 when Romulus Augustus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire was deposed by Odoacer, a Germanic chieftain.”

The question we are afraid to ask ourselves: “Can I be prosperous at this time?” In order to attract economic prosperity, you need to become prosperous in your inner being first. It’s a gradual process, and one that can be achieved through awareness, and changing some of your most dominant beliefs and patterns. At the same time, if we collectively begin efforts to consciously make a difference in our small worlds, adopting those changes and leaving our gloomy thoughts aside, we could vastly improve our circumstances, and our reality.

There are several easy steps that can lead you upon an amazing   journey: A journey with the potential to transform you and give you the joy and prosperity you richly desire.  It all starts with the first step toward finding the light to open new horizons. This allows you to envision the opportunities that show up in your life with more clarity. And then you could summon the hope to see the joy and success and the economic prosperity of the world.  If we all contribute, we will impact our physical and spiritual surroundings. Unity is power. Strength doesn’t come from the outside world: real power comes from within. Together we can transform the world.

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