Divine Grace

I spent great part of January at the Oneness University in India on a wonderful training course. As the spirit of winter in Connecticut transferred me to a warm and balmy weather, my body, mind and soul eagerly awaited a new transformation… The magic of all was the experiences and processes I went through. They are not comparable with any other training, seminar, workshop, or inspiring CD on self-growth or spirituality.


Photo by Ellen Kaplan

I  realized that it was an entirely new paradigm of being. Receiving the Transmission of Divine Grace was my genuine practice, and the fantasies and ideals I had envisioned became my reality. Now I comprehend, that I don’t have to fix any thing, and there is no more search for truth since  it lies within. Perfection is elusive, but we are perfect living from our true self.

I understood that it is about awakening from the illusion of this drama! and that this Divine Transmission is a miraculous vehicle that quickens this awakening. It has the focus and intent to lead us to its door smoothly and effortlessly….

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