Are you ready to live your life with power?

Are you tired of programs that promise you happiness, good health and prosperity with out any results?

If so, my message will speak to you: “If you want more prosperity I will show you how to get it. If you want to look younger and feel healthier, I will show you how to change your body. If you want to improve your relationships, I will help you harmonize them. And if you are a slave to any kind of addictions, reaching a Meta-Consciousness state can help you cast off those chains.”-Rosario

You have probably heard that it is essential to shift your perceptions in order to attract a preferred reality. And it is true: you can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that you created it”-Einstein.
That is why we offer great energy management tools to retrain your mind to shift your perceptions and elevate your state of awareness. But perceptual shifts and raised awareness alone are not enough. And relying on them is why most programs don’t work. Why? Because they focus upon the intellect: Our little self, the” ego”, is not “fixable”. Most programs are equivalent to moving the same furniture in one room over and over, expecting to have a new room. To achieve enlightenment, it is essential that you access your higher self.

In Meta-Consciousness states, we access wisdom from our larger selves. And while meditation is a wonderful way to access this wisdom, it’s hard to sustain the required altered state as we experience negativity during the day. Meta-Consciousness Journeys, you shift effortlessly and spontaneously into a higher state of consciousness and elevated state of awareness.

“Meta-Consciousness Journeys” are sessions for people who aspire to exist on this higher plane. They encompass a marriage between consciousness expansion tools and energy management to raise vibration levels. More importantly,
these journeys also encompass a process to activate “Divine Energy”: Energy that is in a purer form than is understood by most people. Also known as “Divine Grace”, it is energy emanating from the ultimate source of every thing. And it transforms you in ways that you can’t accomplish with human effort alone. It does ninety percent of the transformation work for you, living you with little to do. It has the intelligence to quiet your mind and bring you into an awakened state. It creates a shift in the brain, deactivating the energy in certain areas while increasing energy in others.

It initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness.

It creates a neuro-biological transformation in the brain, allowing the recipient to experience feelings of joy, inner freedom, gratitude and love. It is a deeply profound and powerful process that helps you identify the interference of the mind and the inability to access our higher self through the intellect. During Meta-Consciousness Journeys, our senses are expanded. We start living as opposed to existing. Life is for living, expanding and evolving. It’s not about “learning more stuff”.  It is about joy and living.
Meta-Consciousness Journeys is a perfect balanced coaching system, including access to divine wisdom and divine energy.
How do Meta-Consciousness travelers benefit?
*Improves health
* Manifests abundance
* Removes blocks that hinder success
* Connects to Divine Intelligence
* Improves memory
* Increases comprehension
* Enhances loving relationships
* Heals wounds
* Enhances energy of the body
* Improves metabolic activity
* Heals the body by healing the mind
* Clears negative programming
*Removes traumas stored at the cellular levels
*Enhances the senses
*Creates inner peace
*Balances emotions and other states of being
*Creates daily joy of living.
*Manifests career success
*Improves all relationships and awakens compassion

The experience of causeless joy and unconditional love.

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