Anxiety Attack Symptoms: Real or Virtual?

Disarming the Power of Anxiety Permanently

Anxiety Attack Symptoms: Real or Virtual? photograph by Dani Kaplan

While we will concentrate here on disabling anxiety, it is also worth beginning by noting that worry and tension can sometimes activate a positive force. In a recent article addressing “signs of stress” I
wrote: “It is important to be aware that stress can have its redeeming affects: Its positive form, called “eustress,” can help you to be sharp, alert energetic and focused. It can also be a wise device working as a safety valve of protection in your life.” Likewise, anxiety in some instances can help you stay alert and vigilant. It also works as a force that begs you to find answers to a problem that requires resolution.

Of course, there are negative effects as well. In our crazy, fast-paced world today, it’s easy to imagine that the majority of people suffer with stress and anxiety attack symptoms.

It’s normal to worry and feel tense when we are under pressure or experiencing fear. It is our body’s natural response to protect us from danger. The uncomfortable feelings can be acute as in the “fight or flight response”. Or, they can be chronic and debilitating over a long period of time. Anxiety attack symptoms manifests as a wide range of physical and emotional ways. I am not a therapist. But as a spirit-guided coach, it seems clear to me that our emotions directly affect our body. They produce positive or negative thoughts. When thoughts are pessimistic, they create nonconstructive reactors in our nervous system that affect our physical body.

Feelings are the language of the spirit and emotions are the language of the mind, and both have an effect on the body. By becoming aware of them, we may speed up our healing. Feelings of joy, love, and peace are the highest feelings. However, when the body experiences pain, it is often caused by harmful or destructive emotions. These negative energies tend to concentrate and stay in our system. Eventually, they manifest bodily distress and illness.

If anxiety interferes with your activities and relationships, you may want to consult with your doctor and rule out any physical causes.

I am familiar with the wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz, who wrote brilliantly on this subject. He inspired me to explore how our mind functions and how we may apply holistic ways to blunt the impact of personal turmoil.

The mind is a fertile ground that receives seeds of information constantly. When a seed arrives, it is welcomed as a sacred piece of knowledge, soon becoming our truth. These seeds give birth to our beliefs, and postulates. Through them, we create our fantasies: the dramas of our life. This collection of beliefs becomes our code of ethics. Our system of values.

We personalize our values and they become so familiar to us, that we hold onto them with our heart and soul, even if they are toxic and polluted. As we give them power, and as we interpret them, we use them as yardsticks to judge others and ourselves. Inevitably, this leads to suffering. Since the values are based only on past experiences and assumptions, many of them carry guilt, shame and self-rejection. We become their slaves.

The addiction to these beliefs persuades us to give them power to govern our lives, and to attempt to manipulate the lives of others. Unless we break these agreements and make new ones, we will continue experiencing misery, frustration, stress, anxiety or depression.

If you become aware that you are dreaming most of the time, and you are bold enough to examine your belief system, and analyze these agreements, you are likely to experience doubt. You might reject your entire code of ethics and value system. Little by little, you can free yourself from the negativity that is encapsulated in these beliefs, and you can begin awakening your authentic self. You will recover your personal power.

Thinking is really dreaming. Our brain creates the illusion of reality. Our known Universe is nothing more than our mind telling us how to interpret the impressions or images we receive from the exterior world, which is, after all, an illusion itself.

All of us live in a virtual reality. However, most people aren’t aware of living in this fantasy. Actually, all of us are participating in this life drama together. What we think of as our reality. Is really the
collective drama of every human being on earth: the “Universal consciousness” in action. As we share this virtual reality with everyone, we transform it into patterns that society adapts to lifestyles, practices, habits, doctrines, cultures and religions.

Why “fantasies”? Our mind can be compared to a mirror. As you peer at it, the light reflects its surroundings. But if we attempt to touch the images we perceive, we realize that there is nothing there. It’s only an illusion. What we see inside our mind is a virtual reality. Our eyes perceive the light through the retina and our brain interprets these images, thus creating the story as “reflected in a mirror”. This virtual story is recorded in our mind, and becomes part of our inventory of experiences and truths.

You might ask yourself, “If what I perceive is just a dream, could I re-program my mind to experience different dreams?” You bet. Let me share with you a time in my life, when I experienced anxiety for a period of time.

Years ago, I went through a painful divorce, and during this ordeal, I used to get monthly bills for tens of thousand of dollars from my lawyer. I had nightmares and countless sleepless nights. My heart would start palpitating at a high rate and I experienced cold sweats. It was a terrible feeling: one you would never wish anyone to experience. Even your worst enemy. After my divorce was settled, I started to take control of my life and opted for counseling. I consulted a therapist, and soon after, I realized that what I really needed was a deeper exploration of the spiritual path. I reflected on how fragile and weak my connection with God was. I began meditating, reading books on spirituality and self growth. Little by little, in small increments, I started to transform my life.

One of the important things I learned, is that when our brain is asleep, or when we “turn off” our mind, everything is possible: We can visit the field of infinite possibilities, where unimaginable things can happen. We feel powerful. Our mind is not imposing its judgments, so we feel free, creative and capable of flying higher than we ever thought… This is what happens to those people who originate the greatest ideas, works of art, or inventions. We admire them and see them as “geniuses”. These special individuals are able to touch the greater mind that created our magnificent Universe. And they do it in humility and awe!

But when we are operating solely with our brain, or our ego, we try to control the outside world. Our beliefs begin judging our observations. We have applied our “yardstick” of rules that limits us and our power is
instantly weakened.

This is hard to comprehend, right? Of course. We are trained to depend solely on the performance of the brain. We measure our value based on knowledge and intelligence. “Intellectuality” captures the ego. There is nothing wrong with being intellectual. However, it is the pettiness of the ego sitting in a throne of knowledge, elevating itself with pomposity and selfishness that distorts its value. True wisdom comes from above: not from the head. Even the quantum scientific community is accepting openly that the laws of the Universe operate from the realm of the Spirit: The Creator of all things in Heaven and on Earth.

I encourage you to expand yourself and be open to explore new avenues. Make a conscious revision of your beliefs and this can start you down an exciting path. You can recover your true self and enjoy a life of happiness, joy and fulfillment.

You can find the inner-peace that heals anxiety or stressful situations, with harmony, dignity, and self respect. Be brave! You possess the power to heal yourself, your health, your emotions and your mind.

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