A Spiritual Message to a Fashion Model


My name is Rosario and I have been in the fashion business for many years. First as a model and then as an Agent. So Fashion is something I have learned, dreamed of and lived most of my  life. I am now permitting my self to communicate with you directly  in an away that flows from my essence to show you a new perspective that can transform your career as a model.

Fashion Model Marisol Capella photographer Gerard Gentil

In my conversation, you will find what I call “Rosarisms” I am letting the words that are coming from my spirit flow in a way that is exact and unmodified. At times it may appear to be intellectually incorrect, English is not my maternal tong but I am receptive to speak the language of the soul, where there are not boundaries of personal connection. I express what I hear from my heart. If you are open it can cut right through the core of your being, and this to me is,  true communication.

So let’s try and see how it goes. Enjoy!!!

A message to a Fashion Model

As an agent and former fashion model, I know models encounter challenges that are beyond imagination: especially during the early stages of their careers. As positive as I tend to be, I would like to think that unkindness doesn’t permeate the world. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We know that hostility, difficulty and stress are common phenomena in our lives. These experiences are particularly acute for models. They receive many encouraging complements. They also endure negative feedback, and this ying and yang of positive and negative energy withers the spirit.

Or it may be that you haven’t experienced this hostility, but you don’t seem to have the confidence, freedom and grace to deliver the  energy you need to project in front of the camera, or resemble the story behind the product you are advertising: Are these voices familiar to you?

…”I can’t do it”

…”I am so nervous”

… “I feel terrible”

…”I feel frozen”

…”this is too hard for me”

…”others are better then me”

…”I feel so nervous and anxious”

…”I look like a fool”

…”I wish I’d be thinner”

…”nobody likes me”

Having experienced  these feelings, I know what models go through. I’ve been there.This has allowed me to be in a position to extend my help to those of you who are hurting, or to prevent and strengthen those who are starting this path.

When you learn to handle  negative thoughts, and you start realizing that those ideas or fantasies are just intruders in your mind, you can start seeing the reality of who you really are, and you can express the confidence you thought you were lacking.

If you have felt overwhelmed and stressed, and you have experienced the pressures that come by being a model.  Or  you are in the beginning stages of your career, I have the solution for you. Help is on the way! You can start experiencing freedom, and more then any thing, you can enjoy every moment of your work session.

These are the reasons I came up with a program  that can help models to lift up their energy field and start vibrating in a much elevated  frequency. we shift our state of mind from a law energy  to a higher  vibration, by recognizing that the negative messages we repeat in our head are not serving us, then we can bring changes and  manifest our true desires.

There are many resources and programs with different techniques that are helpful to our self growth, but I believe this is a unique process that focuses on your inner being, your beliefs, your habits, your patterns and emotions.  If you align yourself vibrationally all the rest is easier and you see positive results  manifesting in your life.

That is when I am called upon to step in and offer guidance. I am looking forward to exploring pathways to help you convert your fantasies into reality.


12 thoughts on “A Spiritual Message to a Fashion Model”

  1. Those intruding ideas and negative beliefs are the components of our false self…nothing more destructive in life…often we need an empathic hand to accompany us discover what these aliens conceal and prevent us from having a true view and experience of ourselves…Rosario is that hand, kind and ready that invites us to open that door to ourselves.

  2. What a beautiful comment Paty. It’s good to know that others like you, share this level of consciousness and see the need for a change. If we all change a little bad, our world would start radiating.

  3. Rosario, what a great way to share your experience, as a former model, as a woman, as a human being! I love your “Rosarisims” since they reflect your uniqueness.

    I do agree with you. Those false thoughts still try to diminish my infinite potential and come back and forth restlessly. That is what I learned to do since very little!

    One of these days I was talking with some young adults about how much we can really develop our brain/soul activity. I inquired if they just want for their lives to be economically successful people, have a family and leave descendents. Albert Einstein came to my mind. I have heard he developed about 9 to 11 percent of his potential. At that very moment I decided to do the same or more, if possible! Why not? I am on this path for some reason and I will search until my last breath what I am here for. It is a great idea to discover how to get rid of those false intruders. Thanks again for your lovely sharing.

  4. Dear Norma,

    I am glad there are people like you! we need more. We can make a difference in the world, starting with ourselves, one by one.
    Thanks you for inspiring us with your words. You will get to manifest your desires!

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  6. Thanks so much Jovan,
    I am glad you like our articles. Please come back and would love to hear from you again.

    Best to you, peace and joy,


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