Rosario’s  guidance, expertise, passion, knowledge and spirit is what makes her an amazing coach.  She has helped me make positive changes to both my personal life and my business.  I have achieved numerous goals that I have set for myself and have significantly attracted a better relationship with my entire family.  I highly recommend Rosario and her coaching techniques because she posses the knowledge and spiritual passion to guide anyone through positive changes in their life.  I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without Rosario.  Thank you Rosario!-JA, Financial Firm, Greenwich Connecticut


“I wanted you to know that I have benefited greatly from that event of processes, prayer and blessings. I am not waking up with terrors or feeling overcome by shame and grief during the day. I still cry from time to time, but it is more often motivated by gratitude and love or concern for my children than anything else. I am feeling a deep peace, and am consequently being more productive. “I look forward to seeing you next Monday night. I send you blessings in return, and thank you again.- Victoria L. Mid size Designing Co


Rosario, during the session, I felt a heat..an energy and a relaxation. And then I forgot about the experience until a few days later when a friend noticed some big shift in me. When I started to pay attention, I realized that I was more fully grounded in the present moment than I had ever been in my life…and that because of that, there was absolutely no place in my mind for anxiety or worry.  The only thing I could attribute it to is the energy that flowed through you to me.  It seemed to have shifted something physical in my brain.  I am in a far better place than I was.  Thank you for this wonderful gift.-GM, NYC


I experienced profound healing! I enjoyed a lightness afterward and a lifting of my heart and spirit, over words and feelings never expressed to my passed mother and father. With Rosario I moved an inner child release over decades of anger by the wrong still blocking me affecting my life and success from childhood. The gift I received was healing…after a walk at Greenwich point and communed with butterflies, wild turkeys, seagulls and blue jays, all totems of messages from the Divine”. Rosario has helped me in the most profound life changes I could ever ask for. I love the me I experience quantumly as before.- Jennifer J. Organic Designs, Greenwich,CT.


 Incredibly beautiful!I just can’t express in words this experience at all. In the evening I did my last Om and my whole body was descended upon by an energy, very powerful and it literally made the upper half of my body incredibly heavy and I was no longer able to “control” my body. My head tipped back and all I could perceive was the mouth of God. I felt it all the way to my feet. It’s very powerful and beautiful.-SL, New York
I am soooooo appreciative to you for changing my life Rosario thank you! –JY, Greenwich
Dear Rosario, It was a very spirit-filled moment.. I felt a deep relaxation in my whole self as I was sitting there, almost rolled over in my chair…..came to me a clear vision of my early childhood…when I was about 3 or 4…  a happy moment for me.Then I saw another time in my life, when I was at peace… felt totally relaxed / felt myself smiling… when I looked up at your face -it was angelic…there seemed to be a light all around us, before I opened my eyes…and then, it still felt lighter in the room, when opened them to look up at you. Your words were clear and loving…..as you were inviting peace to me, to the people all around us…to our city….this felt real and so effective in cleaning out the negative thoughts….in keeping with what I believe….to achieve a loving environment for all of us. I thank you for this experience….which I have thought about again…..and its grounded me in my love for others, for myself and God. – Celeste, NYC


Rosario, the experience and revelation was Awesome!!  I felt the strong energy coming to my head and expanding outward.  I felt total bliss and no worries.  People around me started to get friendlier and are now very nice to me.  I see how it is starting to enhance and improve my life.  Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!!- Ken Lara,  Port Chester, NY


No words can express my appreciation for what Meta-Consciousness Journeys are doing in my life. How they have impacted my reality is hard to describe. I laugh so much. Things flow easier. I feel at ease. Rosario, the tools from your coaching are powerful. I design  my day dream every morning, I experience so much of what I script. It’s awesome. Your tools are amazing and practical. My life has been changing rapidly. Things manifest mysteriously. Meta-Consciousness has had such a powerful impact in my life; I could go on and on.  Thank you, Rosario.- D.S New York, NY


Wow! All  I can say is that these sessions are powerful and are changing my life rapidly. Meta consciousness Journeys have impacted my life in a  beautiful way. I am experiencing peace and joy like never before. My anxiety is gone, my dreams are becoming more lucid. I feel the energy overflowing through my body and wonders are happening in my life!  I am so grateful?  –R. A.C.  Connecticut


The session I received  is unique.  I have received three so far.  Each was powerful in a different way.  Rosario has a gentle, welcoming demeanor that reassures receivers that they are being truly .  Within the safety Rosario provides you will feel comfortable enough to declare an intention that is most meaningful for you.  The power of the Divine was so present. I experience s powerful energy flowing down through me and around my body during the session.  I highly recommend Rosario, who are in search of themselves. Anne, Westchester NY


Blissed out! It gets better and better-Melinda, Westchester NY

“There is no doubt in my mind that God has found you ready, through both experience and commitment,  to be a teacher to His children. You have already helped many, and there is much to be done. My best wishes for your continued success in your chosen path.”

Stan Sanderson, Spiritual Coach, author of “The Big Lie”.  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Financial Planners.  President of the Canadian Surgical Trade Association. Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pension Plan. http://www.thespiritualcoach.net


If you remember, I’d told you there were four things keeping me up at night, money, my brother, starting a family, and something with my husband. So even though we didn’t discuss the latter two, it seems that that’s where the energy was directed, both of those latter two items. Without going into a long story, let me just say that something happened that I had been hoping and praying for for a long time, something entirely outside of my control but which will have a very positive impact on my marriage and should address the concern I have had there, and which will directly affect the starting a family piece as well. So thank you, SO MUCH for whatever you did that might have contributed to it.   Wow!!! CEO of Mid-sized Manhattan based Co.


The assigned book “Awakening to Oneness” was a spiritual guide that was reminiscent of other eastern philosophies I had read, particularly for the study of Yoga. It included some of the basic principles of living in the moment so it seemed very familiar. When attending the workshop this familiarity made it easier for me to move into the self-relaxation, but what separated it from other studies was the “Divine Transmission” Rosario offered. While I had no immediate revelations or visions recorded by some in the book, Rosario’s presentation made me aware of new ways to reach deeper inside to recognize the hold of old history that was preventing me from perceiving the reality of situations. A deep peace descended on me during and after these workshops and carried over into my perception of issues that would otherwise have eluded me. Given the opportunity, I would definitely continue working with Rosario on the “Oneness Blessing”  as it does encourage the recipient to make consciousness.” –Ellen Kaplan, NYC


Wow – All I can say is WOW! I have come to the realization that the PB we worked on yesterday is hitting me in so many areas in my life and it keeps coming up over and over again.
I did 3 PSLs on aspects of it and have had some shifting taking place. Thank you so much for holding that space and coaching me to this brilliant and courageous movement in my spiritual growth process. Blessings.-Laurie Moritz, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


“In a perfect world all people that we come into contact with would be kind, thoughtful, encouraging,  and above all wanting to bring out the best in you. As we know a perfect world does not exist, but there are people out there who possess these attributes. One of these individuals is Rosario Mazer.

Rosario’s soft spoken demeanor allows every one to leave encouraged and informed in life empowering ideas. Her ability in subject matters pertaining to building a stronger Spiritual life cut right to the core for women in all walks of life. She leaves those who she becomes involved with a little bit richer and wiser”.- Aldona Roth, Beauty Consultant, Manhattan NY


“Spending that time with you was tonic.  Your thoughts providing spiritual guidance in its many forms seems so you, from the  meaningful time we’ve spent together. You already are such a blessing to doubtless so many, and that seems like a further extension of gaining and spreading wisdom and, well love.”-Cynthia Anderson Thompson, Divorce Planning Solutions LLC, White Plains NY


-Rosario, I’m so pleased that the Oneness Blessing is spreading all over the world.  Personally, of all the things I’ve done, the Oneness Blessing has left the most impact on me as it has guided me directly back to my Divine SELF and I am able now to deepen into the Divine Presence that I Am with much more ease, nakedness and grace and I am not tempted to be led astray by other practices, modalities etc.  because folding in to one’s Divine Self is all there is to really do.  So that’s how I have been doing.With gratitude, Love.- Wind, Vancouver, Canada—————————————————————————————————————————————————-


“I have known Rosario for a few years, and discover she has a wonderful spirit. She sent me the best models for my book “EyeCandy”, girls with a wonderful attitude. She takes care of them like Eileen Ford did in the very beginning. She is the best person to help someone strengthen their spiritual side as well as their physical appearance”.

Linda Mason. Entrepreneur Artist Author of “EyeCandy”
and “Makeup, The Art of Beauty”


Aventiur SPA 2008 001

“Throughout the years Rosario gave me many opportunities to witness her endless generosity. Her heart is like an open book, as she always feels compelled to guide a lost soul in the proper direction. Only her integrity could equal her sensitivity and her love for others.

She will be a singing voice in your life…”

Gerard Gentil, famous Fashion Photographer. www.minireel4actors.com


“Yah if I only had this information 20 years ago. I am reading a New
Earth and with all the information now out there people don’t have to
suffer with the anxiety  by not knowing what they even suffer with. A
little prayer also goes a long way.”-Cathy Johnson, Canada



Marisol Capela, Fashion Model/NY/Milan

“Rosario ha


s been an incredible source of inspiration to me. I have evolved in a way that has taken me to understand more about my self and life. For the past three years She has been my mentor and her support and direction has led me to places I never thought I could reach in my wildest dreams. Her ability to connect with my inner being exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Rosario, you have been an instrument of transformation in my life!”


Andre-retouched Tim Francis 004
– Andre Fashion Model, Canton, Michigan

“Rosario is a wonderful coach. She has inspired me in a way that is beyond words to express.   I have learned to get in touch with my self and  my confidence has grown;  My focus has expanded dramatically and  not only did I advance in  my ambition to become a model but learned to  set goals and  see great results.  I’ve learned good people skills. Most importantly I learned about myself.   I feel lucky I have been coached by you.
Thank you Rosario”



Jenna Tremblay, Fashion Model/NYC

“I believe Rosario has had the most impact in the life of my modeling career.  She has coached me for the past year and a half and during that time I have learned and experienced more about who I am  than ever before.  She has been a positive push throughout our entire time of work.

Rosario has never stopped encouraging me to do my best and has inspired me to work hard for my goals and dreams.  She has taught me to be strong and to have confidence.  She has allowed me understand that by being myself I can tap into my potential easier and faster. She has transmitted to me that to succeed I must not only be beautiful on the outside but I am to express the beauty that resides in my inner self. She emphasizes that once I find more about my true self; I can find what I am looking for.



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