Saving our Planet by Shifting our Consciousness

Dear one,

A shift in our consciousness is vital to our continued existence and the
survival of our loved ones and planet.  If we continue focusing on just
being “me”, and not caring about others, dire consequences are inevitable.

A Shift in Consciousness

The state of consciousness in every person today is, for the most part,
negative and pessimistic. We need to rekindle joy and happiness.  The world
is ready for a change. And it is vital for its continual existence.

We need a change in consciousness that can liberate us from our “existential
slavery”. We need to rekindle the spark of joy and happiness that we all
carry deeply inside of us. We must regain the child within: to breathe the
innocence of a newborn and enjoy life in a simple manner
Unfortunately, unless there is a shift in our consciousness, our
transformation will never happen. We need to move from the pettiness and
“sophistication” of the ego to the humility and innocence of a child…that
is where true happiness is. And we all can claim it. After all, it’s inside
of us. No wonder why Jesus said “Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not
receive the kingdom of God as a little child, He shall not enter therein.”-Mark 10:15

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