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In my writings you will find what I call “Rosarisms”. I am allowing myself to express my messages with words and feelings as they flow from my essence. They may appear intellectually incorrect, since English is not my maternal language, but it is the language of my heart.

 Mystery under the sea

Onenes Mystery

I wanted to share a mysterious experience I had last Saturday afternoon. After a wonderful walk around the shore, looking at the water, clouds, sky, bright light, rocks and trees, I went into my silent space for my 12:30 PM, Saturday meditation with Shri Bhagavan

An hour later, my fiance and I walked into the ocean to enjoy the water. When we went back to the umbrella to relax and read, I realized I didn’t have my sunglasses with me. Bruce and I looked around among my stuff but we did not find them.

After an hour or so, we went back to the water. As I was playing with the waves, I felt something under my feet.  I bent down and look to see what it was; I found a medium size shell.  I still felt something else under my right foot, but I couldn’t see anything through the turbulent water.  Nevertheless, I dig under the sand and picked up another object. I pulled it out, and there…. I found my sunglasses!

I was shocked! All this was happening right in front of our eyes also …..…he couldn’t believe it! …we were at awe!

What are the chances to find a lost item in the depth of the ocean? The waves are constantly pushing whatever crosses their way; the currents are incessantly moving;  the size of the ocean it’s immeasurable and it is ridiculous to even think that you could find something in the sea…………….did my glasses returned mysteriously to me? Was the Divine showing me the power of grace?

This is just one of the many miracles I experience daily since I started to receive and give the Oneness Blessing!  My life has changed dramatically. Grace is poured through this powerful deeksha (blessing in Sanskrit), It does for you what you can’t do for yourself.

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