Your Ideal 2017

As we enter 2017 we reflect our life and we come up with resolutions and promises…can fullsizerenderwe keep them? The world presents its challenges every day weakening or strengthening our intentions, but I am going to give you a spark of advice to keep in mind this new year:

 Celebrate your magnificence! ….do not look back with guilt or resentment your past actions or mistakes. We all have our shortcomings, and we all are a work in progress. Our programing reacts daily to our circumstances. So, forgive yourself, re-group and consciously notice it without judging yourself, and use it as a learning experience for growth. Contemplation and introspection without judgment is a great tool that weakens our programing. It also turns us into responsible beings, rather than victims blaming others for our misfortunes.

 Being more and more in de present moment which is our future and our past, it’s a necessary ingredient to find joy and fulfilment. There is only “the now” otherwise, in a blinking of an eye we are experiencing either a memory or a desire. As we intend our desire, we pause and realize how magnificent we are, and use our awareness in  greatness  to co-create our intention with our higher self deliberately and passionately.

Being in the moment is our innocence, is our presence and our essence; It permits us to see beyond the eye. It allows us to be free, to learn, to explore, to forgive, to repair, to grow, to play, and to expand, which is the purpose of our living. Authenticity is the name of the game, authenticity doesn’t come from the ego, as the ego is incompatible with the present moment or presence.

Be yourself, embrace your magnificence! Because that is what you truly are!
Have a wonderful and prosperous 2017!

 “With apologies for unintended gaffs in grammar or spelling. English is not my first language.”

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