Has any one tell you how magnificent your are?

Enjoy this beautiful message. it has the potential to  inspire you not only this day but, your entire life.


Your Magnificense

“Do not let a moment go by which you have an opportunity to tell someone how magnificent they are. Do not let an opportunity pass in which you may offer praise. Give people the gift of self-esteem, and you will have given them a gift that many cannot find a way to give themselves. Yet when they find themselves through you, and return to their own most glorious vision and their own grandest idea of who they really are, they are lost no more, for you have returned them to themselves. Once they were lost, but now they are found.”

“…I tell you this: You are an angel.

You are the angel for whom someone is waiting.”

-Neale Donald Walch, “the New Revelations”


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