Understanding Reality

We are our beliefs; they have been ingrained in our life since our first breath. The contact we had with our parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, community, churches, and so on, contributed to our book of beliefs. With them we measure, judge and move through our life. This book of laws is recorded in our unconscious as our yard stick of measurement toward life.

The bible says: “As a man thinketh of himself so he is.” Yes, we are our beliefs. If we look around, we find that everything around us is a

Understanding Reality photo Ellen Kaplan

mirror of our inner stories. Our beliefs are armed by thoughts, and thoughts make stories that are interpreted by our mind. Many of these stories have a negative composition and were formed by unfinished events or repressed circumstances from our infancy. These unfinished emotions triggered by an event, send an acute feeling of discomfort through our brain, causing unbalance and distress. Our mind, which is an expert in interpreting, analyzing and judging these stories, makes us believe that it is the truth; nevertheless, it is an illusion.

 Because our beliefs, thoughts, actions and words, are composed of energy, and everything that you see, touch and smell according to Quantum Physicists is made up of energy, it indicate us that we are energy beings. We are  like radio transmitters, emitting energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every second of our existence. And it is indestructible, unlimited and eternal!!

 Our beliefs are energy. Every belief contains a myriad of thoughts that construct a story. Every solid thing is also made of energy; there is a bunch of energy in display.  The story that is being reflected in our mind emits feelings, and these feeling eventually become our physical reality. Every thought or thing has a specific signature of energy. In the book conversations with God, Neil Donald Walsh states: “feelings are the language of the soul’. I believe they are the bridge of communication with universal intelligence: messengers of wisdom.

This communication weather is clear, blurry or distorted, is received instantly in the realm of infinity. As these transmissions are perceived by the Divine Consciousness, an equal energetic response immediately is on the way. We are co-creating with the Universe. This is what is called the law of personal creation or the law of attraction. “Like attracts like.”

What kind of energy are you sending? What inner stories dominate your thinking?  What you sent out, comes back like an echo. So awareness to these stories is the beginning of transformation, and true transformation comes only through experience: The experience of being.

Our health, prosperity, success, and happiness is linked to our relationship to Universal Consciousness. How is your connection?


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