Economic Depression: What is the Role of Patience in Manifesting Abundance?

Should You Be Affected by This Economic Depression?

Desperate times call for desperate measures! These days most people are stressed out and worried about their finances. Some of them seemed so overwhelmed adjusting to new life styles, environments and challenges.

Economic Depression
Economic Depression

So what is Economic depression? An economic depression is  a severe economic downturn that last for several years. It is mostly caused by greed, selfishness, lack of compassion and ignorance, bringing the world to the brink of collapse.

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Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?

Spinning Your Wheels and Not Losing Weight?

I coached a client who had been trying a variety of regimens to lose weight. She had been working with a trainer several times a week and was following a program of supposedly miraculous products. Her objective: to lose 45 pounds.

 Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?/photo by Lynette Winchell
Weight Loss Tips: Savior or Sham?

After several attempts, testing a diversity of products and experimenting with different diets, she finally gave up! As a result, she was feeling frustration and anger against herself and her loved ones. Her life wasn’t fun anymore. She lost her spark and had little interest in things once important to her.

Her effort, energy and time that she invested was not creating any positive results; none of these weight loss tips were working at all. Consequently, this had a negative impact on her family, her relationships and her work. She felt as if her world was falling apart. Her frustrations became her worst adversary, and she was suffering greatly. The worst part: some of the weight loss tips were making her sick.

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Stress Management: 21st Century Paradigms

Are You Having Trouble Coping with Stress?

Stress Management: 21st Century Paradigms Photography

I have written several of articles on this interesting and mysterious topic: One of them titled “what is stress” and the second one on “signs of stress.”

The purpose of these lines is to help you understand that you can cope with stress and its causes. One of the critical elements of stress management is have a clear understanding of its causes, symptoms and the importance of learning how to manage it.

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Why do we dream? where do dreams originate?

Why do we Dream

What are “dreams” and why do we dream? Dreaming is essential to our mental health. I address this aspect below. I believe that dreaming is part of another natural state of being that our soul accesses to fulfill her mission.

Through dreams the soul seeks freedom and flies into the unknown to restore her natural state and escape from the prison of our ego.

Dreams can be beautiful and pleasant, as well as difficult and frightful. Mysterious and wonderful images and thoughts show up unexpectedly, accompanied by emotions of joy, and sometimes fear. They can include vivid, but unclear and confusing images as well as experiences of poetry, love and happiness.

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What is Stress: Curse or Blessing?

What is Stress: Curse or Blessing?
What is Stress: Curse or Blessing? photograph by Ellen Kaplan

Consciously or subconsciously, our mind demands that we see into the future and know how things are to unfold: when events are to occur and how they will manifest. We keep track of them, moment by moment, and maintain a rigid inventory of every move. Every piece or information is carefully monitored. Put simply, we want to control life!

So we ask our selves this question: what is stress? Where does stress come from?

When something less then wonderful happens to us, our brain immediately retrieves information that has been stored in our software compartment. Every experience collected through our life is found in this box we call “memory”. At that moment, our nervous system reacts instantaneously. We feel unexpected body sensations that assault our well-being. Life is getting complicated and it seems that nothing flows easily. The result: stress, with symptoms of anxiety worry and frustration.

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Prosperity Prayer: Are you Hearing the Answers?

Photograph by Lynette Winchell
Prosperity Prayer

During these difficult times, many of us desire to have the right prosperity prayer fall into our lap. We want to make sure, that we are touching God’s heart and that he is listening to our intentions. We yearn to see a change in our present circumstances and dream to see our desires come to pass.

We are longing for security, peace, serenity, encouragement, hope, prosperity, abundance and JOY….we long for the blessings of God!

But the real question is: Do you listen to God, when He talks to you?

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Economic Prosperity: The Sukyo Path

Given the difficulties we are experiencing and watching our economic prosperity deteriorating bit by bit, I want to share the wisdom presented in an article from Sukyo Mahikari.  It describes the reasons and the hidden roots that manifest the negative symptoms we see and feel in our society, government and personal finances

Economic Prosperity/photograph by Ellen Kaplan
Economic Prosperity/photograph by Ellen Kaplan

Sukyo Mahikari states: “Today, wealth and economic power are coveted in most parts of the world. One unfortunate consequence of this attitude is that many natural resources and life forms are being ruthlessly exploited with little thought about future generations. Wit globalization, there is no escaping the consequences of this position.”

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Are these Signs of Stress impacting your Life?

Photorapher: Ellen Kaplan
Are these Signs of Stress Impacting your Life? photograph: Ellen Kaplan
Dangerous Signs You Should Know

Have you ever felt light-headed or dizzy, your head spinning, your body heavy, your muscles tense, your neck hurting and you couldn’t think clearly? Perhaps even feeling worried, confused, or irritable?  Physically, you felt your heart was beating at a high speed. Perhaps you were experiencing sleeping problems, upset stomach, high blood pressure or forgetfulness?

These are some of the classic signs  of stress that most of us experience one way or another. As a matter of fact more often then we would like. While it’s important to pay close attention to these symptoms of stress, is vital to consult with our physician and seek the appropriate advice, as well as to rule out any other serious physical problems.

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Money Tips: Wisdom from the Sky

In our world today, money holds the number one place in our stressed-out lives. So, I decided to conjure

Money Tips: Wisdom from the Sky photograph by Ellen Kaplan

money tips too hopefully give us a new perspective.

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A Spiritual Message to a Fashion Model


My name is Rosario and I have been in the fashion business for many years. First as a model and then as an Agent. So Fashion is something I have learned, dreamed of and lived most of my  life. I am now permitting my self to communicate with you directly  in an away that flows from my essence to show you a new perspective that can transform your career as a model.

Fashion Model Marisol Capella photographer Gerard Gentil

In my conversation, you will find what I call “Rosarisms” I am letting the words that are coming from my spirit flow in a way that is exact and unmodified. At times it may appear to be intellectually incorrect, English is not my maternal tong but I am receptive to speak the language of the soul, where there are not boundaries of personal connection. I express what I hear from my heart. If you are open it can cut right through the core of your being, and this to me is,  true communication.

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