Saving our Planet by Shifting our Consciousness

Dear one,

A shift in our consciousness is vital to our continued existence and the
survival of our loved ones and planet.  If we continue focusing on just
being “me”, and not caring about others, dire consequences are inevitable.

A Shift in Consciousness

The state of consciousness in every person today is, for the most part,
negative and pessimistic. We need to rekindle joy and happiness.  The world
is ready for a change. And it is vital for its continual existence.

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What is Meta-Consciousness?


“Meta-Consciousness” is the state of being in which the border between physical reality and spiritual existence dissolves. It is a place of unity in which thought is manifested into the physical plane at will. Put simply, it is the highest realm of existence in which we, as physical forms, remember our spiritual selves as the only true reality. While seekers spend their lives attempting to achieve this state, most fail. They do not realize that no work is required. It is simply about “being”.

During Meta-Consciousness Journeys, our senses are expanded. We start living as opposed to existing. Life is for living, expanding and evolving. It’s not about “learning more stuff”.  It is about Joy and living!….about experiencing life. No matter how hard we try, we can never get there on our own. When in Meta-Consciousness, you shift effortlessly and spontaneously into a higher plane of being and state of awareness.

Surrender, Let Go and Let Divine Grace Guide You Through Your Maze!

Let Divine Grace be your guide

Many spiritual devotees and religious people have dedicated great stretches of their lives searching and experimenting as they attempt to “repair” their complex human entanglements. They also want to end their suffering and envision enlightenment.

They wish to arrive at higher levels of consciousness, hoping to see their struggles disappear. This endless search for peace, joy and fulfillment gives them sleepless nights while depleting their financial and energy reserves. Frequently, there only return is frustration and disillusionment.

Many of them simply give up the search. They are disappointed and fatigued. The thought of one more seminar or book sends them spiraling into ever lower vibrational levels. Still others continue patiently searching for the fulfillment of their goals. They ask themselves, “how long does my search continue? Am I meant to suffer forever?”

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The Law of Attraction = The Law of Love: The Ultimate Equation

E = mc2 (Albert Einstein)

The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love is one and the same.” -Charles F. Haanel

Many people are desperate to find the answers to life’s ultimate questions. They search for happiness and

The Law of Attraction/photo Ellen Kaplan

prosperity, seeking them in the wrong places. They  covet career achievement, optimal health, wonderful relationships or success in their finances. But they continue manifesting frustration and disappointment instead. They do not realize that what they truly seek is LOVE Why? Because Love is the greatest force in the Universe and the only power that can give you everything you desire. There is nothing that resists Love. It is the sole force of creation. It is the golden energy that sparks harmony, peace, joy and the ultimate expression of spirit.

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Why do people celebrate Christmas?

Memories of Christmases Past

Memories of Christmases Past

When I was a little girl, I thought that my private world was all that existed. My favorite day was Christmas Eve with all of its magic. In my world, Christmas was just for me, my family and the people in my native town of Chihuahua. My favorite activity was decorating the Christmas tree, and savoring the aroma of fudge and cookies my mom baked. Those were magical winter afternoons that evoke tender nostalgia today. The penultimate event of the holidays was the delivery of Santa’s presents. I remember vividly how I used to count the days through the summer until December 24th. Those were a lot of days for an eager child!

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Economic Prosperity: Racing to Fill the Void

I thought it would be interesting to include a brief segment of one  of my preview articles entitled, “Man in Search of Economic Prosperity”. The topic includes valuable information that complements my new article on the “Law of Attraction”. That one will be posted in the next few days.

Economic Prosperity photo: Seizo Mazer

In this article, I refer to a “void” inside every human being!

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Signs of Stress: Graceland Is Not Just Elvis Presley’s Home

Signes of Stress photo Ellen Kaplan

Whenever we experience any signs of stress, anxiety or depression, it’s an indication that we are disconnected from our source. We have closed the channel to GRACE. In essence, we have “moved out of GRACELAND”.

To re-connect with the GRACE of God, we must let go of the negative and fearful stories we tell ourselves “in the background” of our lives. And we need to learn to tame our minds. Most importantly, we need to let go and let God.

One of the greatest discoveries I’ve learned in  my life is  that when our brain is asleep, or when we “turn off” our mind, everything is possible: Grace can have access to our life and we can experience peace.  We can then visit the field of infinite possibilities, where unimaginable things can happen. We feel powerful. Our mind is not imposing its judgments, so we feel free, creative and capable of flying higher than we ever thought…

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Why do People Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Gratitude and Love

Can we count our Blessings?

Impossible! It would require an eternity. The easiest thing for us to do, is just be grateful for what we are and the gifts we enjoy in our lives. And, to acknowledge that this celebration is really about our creator.

Why do people Celebrate Thanksgiving? photo Ellen Kaplan

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Seven Money Tips to Freedom

Money Blessings

As I mentioned in my previews posts If we appreciate the roll money plays in our life,  our relationship with it can  improve. This exercise will help you change your perspective.

1. Reflect on the value that money signifies for you. Hold some money and take a moment to think on the ways it helps you fulfill your needs as well as your pleasures and desires.

2. Appreciate all the good things that money has done for your life.

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More on Money Tips

Continuing the dialog on  Money Tips

This is a quote from one of my previous articles, “Money Tips Wisdom from the Sky” that it clarifies in depth, our last post on our attitude toward money.

“The misunderstanding with the scripture from I Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief’s” This has affected many believers that take the meaning literally from the Word. They haven’t questioned it in depth, and continue to attract lack of abundance.

In my opinion, the verse refers to attachment to money as being one of the causes that have added grief to people’s lives. The attachment is directly proportional to fear, and fear is the opposite of love.

Many cultures and religions, especially in the Middle East, seem to support this theory. They hold a belief that material gain is a sin, and that a noble life must be a life of suffering and deprivation. In the western world, we have gone the opposite direction, believing that material acquisition equates to happiness and success. But we are now learning that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Neither “having” nor “not having is the answer. Money is simply another form of energy that serves us as a ticket to fulfilling our desires.”

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