Self Discovery Coaching

Among the processes I conduct in my coaching program, I help you quiet a conflicted mind without the use of alcohol, drugs or any new age program of the moment. Once I help you quiet the mind, I guide you to recover the most important gifts of life, that either you lost or were stolen from you: health, wealth, love, and the time to enjoy them.

“Inner peace is not achieved by outward means. Inner peace is achieved by understanding who you are. When inner peace is attained, outer peace becomes possible at last. In the absence of inner peace, outer peace is impossible”….Neale  Donald Walsch

If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, overly stressed, and vulnerable, or your think your life is getting out of hand, we can help you transition from  anxiety to peace, from unhappiness to joy, from resistance  to freedom and from feelings of failure to success and Empowerment.

There is a noticeable shift from materialism to spirituality. During these trying times we are awakening to the realization that ascendancy to a higher state of consciousness is the answer to achieving inner peace, prosperity and success. Without it, there is little or no communication with Grace.  And that is the reason why we are seeing so many troubles in our world today.

Our approach to transformation is not based on religion.  Rather, is based on the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe.  Laws that support everything that sustains and creates order, organization and coordination in life: The Spiritual Laws that support the foundation of the doctrines and messages that appeared to us through Divine wisdom. As a result, religions were born and are prevalent in the civilizations and cultures all over the world.

Let’s mention an example of these Spiritual Laws. The Law of Giving and Receiving, We can describe it metaphorically like breathing in and exhaling. As we breathe so we receive and as we exhale, so we give. There is a perfect balance between the two.

In a personal meta Consciousness Adviser/client relationship, your spiritual ascendancy desires and challenges are highlighted. Our proven methodology for guiding you to a higher inner plane, blending it to your outer reality, is then molded to your unique circumstances and applied. You will see the integration of both your inner and your outer selves. We are spiritual beings living in a physical world. And we believe that in order to enjoy your physical existence, you must first get in touch with your inner self.

In our program, you are guided through a structure that reveals to you the creative energy that abides within you.  This energy is known by many names. Examples include “Prana” (vital force) in Vedantic tradition, “‘Ka” (life force) in ancient Egypt, and “Chi” or “Gi” (energy flow) in Oriental cultures. In Christianity, it is “Holy Spirit”. Regardless of its name, you learn to discover it and find joy through its magic.

In this Coaching program, we interweave inner and outer transformation methods to enhance, magnetize and balance both your personal and your business lives.  The results are practical and tangible. But the secret transformative energies actually arise from our inner world.

By “inner” transformation methods, I am referring to systems, processes, and tools that impact your inner being: your private, unseen world.  Everything originates through our “inner stories”, and from there, our outer reality is born. As we eliminate those fearful stories, our outer reality changes. This is the critical aspect of our coaching: Eliminating fear and replacing it with positive creative energy and joy.

Some examples of ways to access your inner world include meditation, connection with your inner wisdom, developing your intuition, breathing, deep awareness, and a powerful set of conscious mind tools. All of these elements are developed through our program. These technologies assist you in connecting with the right side of your brain. This is where Devine solutions, ideas, and creativity originate. The right brain is the pathway to the realm of the absolute.

When using our conscious mind tools, we change our perceptions, give vent to our emotions, connect with awareness and discernment, and awaken our personal “inner coach”. We begin to live in a fully conscious way and we avoid being in a repetitive negative state. By this, we mean that we avoid recreating our same difficult circumstances over and over again. This negative repetition is the root of the problem for many people.

By using the array of conscious mind tools, our energy shifts and the ability to attract our desired outcomes strengthens. The problems don’t reside in the outside world. They originate inwardly, and therefore they must be addressed inwardly.

By “outer” transformation methods, we refer to the processes that assist us in connecting us with the left side of the brain. This hemisphere is the analytical and logical one. The left brain manages goal setting, develops planning tools, manages time, attempts problem solving, controls exercise and skill building, etc.

In summary, by connecting our inner and outer worlds and “reality systems”, we create a perfect match that manifests wonders. Most of us are accustomed to working just with the analytical part of our brain and we are great action-takers. When we unify the functionality of the right and left brain hemispheres, an enormous wealth of wisdom merges from our inner being. We then are able to elevate our energy and transcend our existence to a higher plane. Our inner and outer worlds are unified and our brain halves function in unison.

We could say we are like energy specialists. By using this energy in its greatest form  and changing your vibrations at the inner level you can activate your neuropaths and integrate a new approach that impacts your outer reality, this leads you to joy, prosperity and success.

Through a straight forward process, we lead you to identify the beliefs that are holding you back. By accepting the place where you are at the moment, acquiring a stronger attitude and magnifying those beliefs and patterns that are serving you, you can shift your energy to a higher frequency, and easily fulfill your desires and your dreams.