Are these Anxiety Attack Symptoms Real?

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Anxiety Attack Symptoms/ photo by Ellen Kaplan

You have most likely suffered through anxiety attack symptoms at some point in your life: But, are they real?

People frequently tell me that they suffer from horrendous anxiety attack symptoms. My usual replay:  “I am glad you say ‘symptoms’, because that’s all they are. They aren’t real. They are simply feelings that have not been expressed freely.

In reality, what we fear is only an illusion of the mind. Anxiety comes from fear. And what is fear? It is false evidence appearing real: merely a trick the mind plays on us.

So what is the best remedy? To acknowledge that anxiety attack symptoms are only referred, misplaced feelings. And experiencing them is fine. Emotions are natural and they should flow without hindrance.  But we are used to repressing them, and so, they haunt us forever…. they want to find freedom! They are imprisoned in our mind. So relax and let the feelings go. Fear faced is fear defused.

The real solution is to quiet your mind. Arrive at a state of Meta-Consciousness and all fears dissolve.

Remember that you are an unlimited “self”. You are not your “little self”. You can free yourself from the traps of the ego. Meta-Consciousness is the pathway.

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