What are the Benefits of Meditation?

Stillness is All There Is

If you give yourself 15 minutes a day to meditate, you would be giving yourself a gift: a reward for yourself for a lifetime.

 Its benefits are countless, just a few examples:

A The physical level, meditation can transform you into a healthier, younger  and a happier being. Meditation has been used as a tool for treating anxiety and depression. It quiets the nervous system, influencing  sleep patterns and producing great vitality and strength. Studies have linked meditation to benefits such as improved focus, clarity, memory and creativity. Some findings and MRI scans suggest, that long-term meditators have the potential to alter the structure  of the outside layer of the brain, the cerebral cortex and even counteract age-related loss of brain volume.

At the inner level, Meditation initiates a journey into higher states of consciousness.  When you enter in a deep state of meditation is similar to entering in a deep state of sleep. It is the only way to hear the still small voice of your authentic self. Meditation is the silence that feeds the soul.  The super-conscious sees, feels, understands, receives endless energy of inner strength, and creativity. Through Meditation you can find inner peace even in the midst of challenging times. It is the channel that quiets your mind and helps you appreciate the beauty of your lives, your loved ones and equip you to spread the survival of our planet. As you experience silence between your thoughts, then the stillness becomes profound, this gives you access to your true essence and you start experiencing the universal field of all creation.

 Quieting your mind and observing your intentions helps you reach an inner sanctuary of rest: a place where you can manifest your desires with effortless ease.

Meditation is the path to enlightenment!

 “With apologies for unintended gaffs in grammar or spelling. English is not my first language.”


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