A Turbulent World Reflects A Seismic Shift in Consciousness

Most people are blind to see that, the challenges we are facing in politics, environment, agriculture, climate change, health, 12economics and every major shift in society, are but a mere reflection of the content of the individual and collective consciousness of humanity. People are focusing on mending situations in the external world, without recognizing that the decadence of values, is a result of the disintegration that exists in our civilization. Unless, we individually take responsibility, and recognize that we are the cause of our problems, there will be no positive change. Blaming others or the world is not a solution. We need to elevate the levels of consciousness of humanity; starting with one self. Without an imminent individual transformation, little can be accomplished.

The narcissism, greediness, division, lack of cooperation and violence, reflecting in our world, are a serious threat to mankind. Albert Einstein foresaw the future with his well-known and accurate quote: “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

I challenge you…Look inwardly and see what you find. Awareness is the beginning of transformation!

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