Meta-Consciousness Journeys


Welcome to Meta Consciousness Journeys!

Yes! You can be a master of living and experience miracles in your life. And they do happen with Meta-Consciousness Journeys.

It is not just a fairy tale. It’s also about living life in the most practical ways with great peace of mind, while experiencing wonders.

Meta-Consciousness states can be the end of “seeking” and working on ourselves.  I’ am learning that is not until we get out of the way, we can  live in our power. And this is when life’s gifts flow  easily and effortlessly.

Yes, the creative force of the Universe can shut off our mind and end its manipulative ways. The unseen, never-ending “You” can be the boss and make your mind serve you. There is nothing as wonderful as a mind that is peaceful and that serves our deeper purpose. Making our mind our servant or even our friend is possible through the Transmission of Intelligent Universal Energy (IUE). Shooting down a conflicted mind and being at ease with oneself is the greatest gift one can enjoy. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But I can assure you that reaching a state of peaceful mindfulness is achievable.
Allow “The Universal Field of Consciousness” to do what you can’t do for yourself. Answers and solutions simply appear. Creativity expands and you know that you are living rather then just existing.

In a Meta-Conscious state, you step into a higher dimension that transcends limits and boundaries. When coupled with the transmission of IUE, the impossible becomes commonplace.
Are you ready for a cosmic journey? Let me help you enter Meta-Consciousness while receiving Divine Energy. Your life will never be the same.

When you decide to work under Grace, Grace abounds and leads you through the maze.

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