What is Thanksgiving?

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Gratitude and Love

Can we count our Blessings?

Impossible! It would require an eternity. The easiest thing for us to do, is just be grateful for what we are and the gifts we enjoy in our lives. Also acknowledging that this celebration is really about Life.

a-thanksThanksgiving is a time to reflect and connect with GOD. It’s a time to humble ourselves with a grateful heart for the beautiful GRACE that is pouring into our lives everyday. Perhaps we should change the title “Thanksgiving” to THANKS-BEING?

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Suffering from leaky gut?

I am thrilled to share the news that my friend and mentor Dr Axe, came up dr axe book pictureswith his new book: “eat dirt”

This amazing source of information addresses major issues that affect our digestive system. About 80 to 90% of the population is affected by what is called leaky Gut.

Hippocrates is famous for saying “All disease begins in the gut”. In fact, if you have any of these issues, then chances are you have leaky gut:

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Thanks-Being on Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and connect with Divine Source; it’s a time to humble ourselves with a grateful heart for the GRACE that is pouring into our life everyday. How about sunset_reflection_tnif we change the title instead of Thanksgiving for “THANKS-BEING”?
Having the privilege to be in this world and to partake of God’s amazing GRACE, is a miracle in itself.
To me today is a day of celebration; we commemorate this Thanksgiving Day, for gathering with an open and grateful heart. It is a time to reflect on our health, the fresh air we breathe every day, the food that nourished our bodies, the opportunities and choices life present to us every moment, and the list goes on and on; specially appreciating the fact that we are alive!
Loving our self, loving people, loving our work, loving life, loves the Divine; and this nurturing love turns into BEING THANKS!

Divine Grace

I spent great part of January at the Oneness University in India on a wonderful training course. As the spirit of winter in Connecticut transferred me to a warm and balmy weather, my body, mind and soul eagerly awaited a new transformation… The magic of all was the experiences and processes I went through. They are not comparable with any other training, seminar, workshop, or inspiring CD on self-growth or spirituality.


Photo by Ellen Kaplan

I  realized that it was an entirely new paradigm of being. Receiving the Transmission of Divine Grace was my genuine practice, and the fantasies and ideals I had envisioned became my reality. Now I comprehend, that I don’t have to fix any thing, and there is no more search for truth since  it lies within. Perfection is elusive, but we are perfect living from our true self.

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How can we Experience The Divine in the Midst of these Turbulent Times?

When we experience God life flows easily and effortlessly. We feel satisfied, expanded and ecstatic.  We experience the quantum field in every molecule of our being; we feel secure and anchored in the joy of life.

And how can we achieve this marvelous state in the midst of the craziness around? The reality is that we don’t need to be lost in an island or in a cloud to connect with source. We can find a quiet space and do the following exercise.


  • Close your eyes
  • Bring your focus of attention into yourself
  • Breath gently and harmoniously
  • Follow your breath and feel your chest and your stomach muscles as you inhale and exhale.
  • Feel every cell of your body
  • Relax and let go. Most likely you won’t be able to let go
  •  Accept it
  • Be
  • Experience the Divine presence !

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Are you ready to live your life with power?

Are you tired of programs that promise you happiness, good health and prosperity with out any results?

If so, my message will speak to you: “If you want more prosperity I will show you how to get it. If you want to look younger and feel healthier, I will show you how to change your body. If you want to improve your relationships, I will help you harmonize them. And if you are a slave to any kind of addictions, reaching a Meta-Consciousness state can help you cast off those chains.”-Rosario

You have probably heard that it is essential to shift your perceptions in order to attract a preferred reality. And it is true: you can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that you created it”-Einstein.
That is why we offer great energy management tools to retrain your mind to shift your perceptions and elevate your state of awareness. But perceptual shifts and raised awareness alone are not enough. And relying on them is why most programs don’t work. Why? Because they focus upon the intellect: Our little self, the” ego”, is not “fixable”. Most programs are equivalent to moving the same furniture in one room over and over, expecting to have a new room. To achieve enlightenment, it is essential that you access your higher self.

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What is Meta-Consciousness?


“Meta-Consciousness” is the state of being in which the border between physical reality and spiritual existence dissolves. It is a place of unity in which thought is manifested into the physical plane at will. Put simply, it is the highest realm of existence in which we, as physical forms, remember our spiritual selves as the only true reality. While seekers spend their lives attempting to achieve this state, most fail. They do not realize that no work is required. It is simply about “being”.

During Meta-Consciousness Journeys, our senses are expanded. We start living as opposed to existing. Life is for living, expanding and evolving. It’s not about “learning more stuff”.  It is about Joy and living!….about experiencing life. No matter how hard we try, we can never get there on our own. When in Meta-Consciousness, you shift effortlessly and spontaneously into a higher plane of being and state of awareness.

Money Tips Moments: Your relationship with currency – Friendship or Enmity?

Changing your vibration about money changes your magnetic strength of attraction. Raising your vibration is the way to attract abundance to your life.

Money Tips Moments: Your relationship with currency - Friendship or Enmity?

Do you see money as the root of all evil? Or do you see money as a form of energy with its sole purpose being existing as an exchange system of value  for services, goods, education, travel or pleasure?
If you see it as an adversary rather then as a faithful lover, you are creating a negative energy that works against you. On the other hand, if you start relating to it as if it is a dear friend, your relationship with money will change and you will start
drawing it to you.  Remember, we attract what we love.

Einstein Quotes

Every time I read Einstein’s quotes I am moved and inspired. His words can be simple, and yet profound at the same time. They bring clarity when I am searching for answers and definitions.

Einstein Quotes

They encourage me when I observe vanity and superficiality. They anchor me in a more positive reality when I feel disappointed or distracted. Pondering their profound meaning creates stillness and allows me to “visit my higher self”. This is where I become renewed and invigorated: marveling in my personal fountain of creativity. Within this place, I interweave with Universal Wisdom …..and that is power!

So I invite you to take a few minutes and enter silence, reflecting upon the content of these magnificent verses. I personally like to bask in the light that emanates from them. The depth of his soul continues to speak to us through time and space.

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Prosperity Prayer

Prosperity Prayer

I know that prosperity comes into reality by connecting with you, God. I know that it happens by acknowledging that my desires and dreams have been heard and blessed. I know that you are The Source of Love, and you only know how to say “yes”. I will not resist and I freely detach from the outcome. My intention is to truly experience and deliver peace, joy and freedom for everyone involved. I know that prosperity will fly to me like a white dove seeks its nest for the night.

Rosario Mazer, Dream Manifesting Life Coach

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