Understanding Reality

We are our beliefs; they have been ingrained in our life since our first breath. The contact we had with our parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, community, churches, and so on, contributed to our book of beliefs. With them we measure, judge and move through our life. This book of laws is recorded in our unconscious as our yard stick of measurement toward life.

The bible says: “As a man thinketh of himself so he is.” Yes, we are our beliefs. If we look around, we find that everything around us is a

Understanding Reality photo Ellen Kaplan

mirror of our inner stories. Our beliefs are armed by thoughts, and thoughts make stories that are interpreted by our mind. Many of these stories have a negative composition and were formed by unfinished events or repressed circumstances from our infancy. These unfinished emotions triggered by an event, send an acute feeling of discomfort through our brain, causing unbalance and distress. Our mind, which is an expert in interpreting, analyzing and judging these stories, makes us believe that it is the truth; nevertheless, it is an illusion.

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Are you ready to live your life with power?

Are you tired of programs that promise you happiness, good health and prosperity with out any results?

If so, my message will speak to you: “If you want more prosperity I will show you how to get it. If you want to look younger and feel healthier, I will show you how to change your body. If you want to improve your relationships, I will help you harmonize them. And if you are a slave to any kind of addictions, reaching a Meta-Consciousness state can help you cast off those chains.”-Rosario

You have probably heard that it is essential to shift your perceptions in order to attract a preferred reality. And it is true: you can’t solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that you created it”-Einstein.
That is why we offer great energy management tools to retrain your mind to shift your perceptions and elevate your state of awareness. But perceptual shifts and raised awareness alone are not enough. And relying on them is why most programs don’t work. Why? Because they focus upon the intellect: Our little self, the” ego”, is not “fixable”. Most programs are equivalent to moving the same furniture in one room over and over, expecting to have a new room. To achieve enlightenment, it is essential that you access your higher self.

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The Law of Attraction = The Law of Love: The Ultimate Equation

E = mc2 (Albert Einstein)

The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love is one and the same.” -Charles F. Haanel

Many people are desperate to find the answers to life’s ultimate questions. They search for happiness and

The Law of Attraction/photo Ellen Kaplan

prosperity, seeking them in the wrong places. They  covet career achievement, optimal health, wonderful relationships or success in their finances. But they continue manifesting frustration and disappointment instead. They do not realize that what they truly seek is LOVE Why? Because Love is the greatest force in the Universe and the only power that can give you everything you desire. There is nothing that resists Love. It is the sole force of creation. It is the golden energy that sparks harmony, peace, joy and the ultimate expression of spirit.

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