Crippling Anxiety?


Life is about living, not about existing. We are merely wasting our divinity by resisting every instance that doesn’t meet our expectations.  That is what suffering is: resisting what we don’t like. So, our challenge is to learn to accept the moment and make peace with it no matter how it appears. We cannot change it any way! So why bother? The beginning of freedom begins with welcoming “what it is”.

Are these Anxiety Attack Symptoms Real?

Dear reader,

Anxiety Attack Symptoms/ photo by Ellen Kaplan

You have most likely suffered through anxiety attack symptoms at some point in your life: But, are they real?

People frequently tell me that they suffer from horrendous anxiety attack symptoms. My usual replay:  “I am glad you say ‘symptoms’, because that’s all they are. They aren’t real. They are simply feelings that have not been expressed freely.

In reality, what we fear is only an illusion of the mind. Anxiety comes from fear. And what is fear? It is false evidence appearing real: merely a trick the mind plays on us.

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