Burnout Professionals & Executives

Escape From Professional Burnout

Burnout is a state of prolonged stress that leads to emotional exhaustion. many professionals surpass their own work capacity thresholds, abusing their bodies, ignoring their emotions and breaching their own inner integrity. The acceptance of constant, never-ending demands forces them to watch the clock. They are hypnotized and controlled by each tick, tick, tick moment. They never stop to smell the roses or enjoy looking for faces in the clouds. They violate their own boundaries, driving themselves to states of “overwhelm” and depression.

This self-inflicted survival mechanism results in constant fatigue. And the consequential dense vibrations lead to more of the same: a vicious circle entraps them. Their states of conflict reflect the chaos, dissatisfaction and turmoil in their lives.

Burned out professionals tend to feel helpless, hopeless, cynical and resentful. Metaphorically speaking, their lives play out like a tragic opera. They feel like Rigoletto: a tragic jester caught in a maelstrom of chaos and deceit. They find themselves physically living in an anesthetized state. A downward spiral transports them to ever lower levels of consciousness. As a consequence, family, loved ones, and everyone else around them suffer with, or shun them. They are transmitting their contagious vibes, and  affecting everyone in their path.

You may feel that your circumstances are not as negative. However, I am sure you tell yourself scary stories that rob you of sleep or paralyze your creativity.

There is nothing as wonderful as a mind that is peaceful and that serves our deeper purpose. Making our mind our servant or even our friend is possible. Becoming at ease with oneself is the greatest gift one can enjoy. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? But I can assure you that reaching a state of peaceful mindfulness is achievable.

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