About Rosario



Rosario Aída Mazer’s sense of joy, curiosity and wonderment about life, led her to venture into a new path to self-realization. “Actualizing your true potential requires courage & determination: As a result Internal growth happens automatically”.

Rosario doesn’t claim to be a spiritually evolved being, or anyone who is special in  any way. “I am simply me and I use my gifts, my coaching systems and tools, to help those who want more from life. My intent as a guide is to draw them closer to their true self, to tap into their own inner Intelligence.

Among many things in her varied background, Rosario’s versatility opened for her the rare opportunity to work for the Chief of Staff to Jose Lopez Portillo, former President of Mexico. She had the opportunity to attend a summit with 22 head of States in Cancun Mexico.

At a young age Rosario became a top international model, and worked her magic in the runway, working with great designers in the like of Karl Lagerfeld, Pierre Cardin, Herbert Kasper to name a few. Her face became a familiar icon in cover pages, magazines, billboards and TV commercials. Including: Kodak, Chrysler, Polaroid, Chevrolet, and many others.

Rosario’s experience and desire to help young dream-filled models inspired her to launch a modeling agency.  She  perceived the dangers  innocent young girls encounter with the entanglement, deception and glamour of the fashion world:  full of wolves, fakers and takers.  Rosario understood the urgency to incorporate spiritual values in her training to  bolster their  self-esteem. This proved a turning point for her when she  decided to make the lip of faith: Become a Quantum-Based Transformational Life Adviser.

Rosario’s life now reflects a synthesis of experiences that make this chapter of her journey  one of her golden periods.  As she says,  “this is the time to serve others with my greatest gifts: Exhortation, Compassion and Encouragement.

Experiences in the Material World

  • 3 1/2 years Executive Assistant on the staff of Jose Lopez Portillo, former President of Mexico. Her greatest experience was being part of the National Palace’s team that attended the Cancun Summit with 22 heads of States.
  • Years of experience in the modeling and image enhancement fields, including a Fashion  degree from Parsons School of Design and Image Consulting from The Fashion Institute of Technology and an ownership of a modeling agency and school.
  • 7 years as a Self Discovery & Evolution Guide.

Philosophical and Spiritual Pursuits

  •  Akashic Records Translator Level One and Level Two
  • Philosophical and spiritual studies in Andra-pradesh India, guided by some of the great masters.
  • Initiated as a Transmission Giver. It is the oldest and most powerful form of universal Transference.
  • Founder and Executive Director of Women Loving Life, a spiritual development program.
  • Initiated at the Sukyo Mahikari organization as a  Light Giver.
  • Board member of Curious Minds, an ethical and philosophical think tank.
  • Certified Coach from The Rainmakers Forum
  • Comprehensive background in the meaning of scriptures.
  • Years of participation in Judaic, Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries programs.
  • Studies examining Schisms in Jewish History under Dr. Luis H. Feldman.
  • Researcher on the subjects of a critical evaluation of the question as to whether Jesus was an Essene and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  • Intensive studies, workshops and retreats regarding Biblical Christianity.
  • Extensive knowledge of ancient and contemporary authors

The passion of a Meta-Consciousness Coach

Rosario is committed to helping people hungering for inner peace and hoping to transition to a higher spiritual plane. She belthat the world is in the midst of a transition from a highly materialistic, to a spiritually centered ethos. Her Transformational Life Coaching programs foci are lighting pathways (both figuratively and literally) for people to enjoy their existence on a higher spiritual and material plane. The results: a much more productive, joyous and successful life.